Friday, May 20, 2011

An Apology

Hi everyone!  Just wanted to stop by early this morning to say I'm sorry for freaking out in yesterday's post about my chapter exams.  I really wasn't whining or complaining ... just letting you all in on the absurdity of the testing practices at this school.  I had posted about how I can't print out the test questions ... not by choosing to print them directly from the pages nor by copying & pasting them into Word ... & because the tests are timed, there is no way to write them down as I go along.  Well, last night I was thinking about this while I was in the shower (a great think tank) & it occurred to me that as I'm taking my chapter exams I can be sitting here with a tape recorder & just dictate each question as I go along & then I can transcribe them!  This way when I get that ridiculous screen after my completing a chapter exam telling me "You have 1 incorrect answer: #15," I will know what it is I didn't understand!  Oh happy day!  How I wish I had thought of this a year ago!!!

Today is going to be a busy day here at the farmhouse or at least out in the farmhouse yard!  It's dry enough to start mowing again so I'll be doing that.  We also have a lot to plant.  We purchased several things a few days ago, then yesterday picked up 2 trees at Lowes (they have them for half price now ... you might want to check out your local Lowes if you are looking to buy some trees) & something called a Sweet Bush I think (of course I picked one of the plants without a card).  This Lowes was in a nearby town & we had never bothered stopping there before.  Now ... about a week ago we had to go to Louisville & we took the back way which passes right by this townn.  The reason I'm mentioning this is that on the way there we passed a sign pointing up a side road advertising a nursery.  I mentioned to John that we would need to stop by there one of these days to see what they've got.  We did that yesterday on our way home from Lowes.  You drive way back off the main highway & go up a hill & it's just beautiful up there!  Beautiful scenery!  Anyway, we got to the nursery & the sign indicated they were a nursery & landscaping business & ALSO a gift & antique shop!  First off, they have a lot of really neat trees & bushes!  We found several things we just HAD to bring home.  However, the icing on the cake was the teeny-tiny antique section of the shop.  Prims galore!  I was checking them out while John was paying for our stuff when the owner, Sarah, asked me if I was interested in prims.  I said "Oh yeah!"  Well, it turns out that Sarah's husband has some health issues & they can't continue to live on the acreage they have now in that area.  Sarah said she has collected prims & antiques for something like 40 years & she is planning to sell a lot of things because they will be moving to a smaller place where there isn't so much yard to deal with!  It took a moment for me to be able to speak!  I don't usually run into opportunities like this!  I told her I'd probably be interested in some of the things she will be selling.  She mentioned maybe having a yard sale this summer.  I'm sorry to say that my brain was totally overloaded at this point & it didn't occur to me to say "I wouldn't mind seeing what you're going to be selling before then if you wouldn't mind?"  Like RIGHT NOW ... lol!  I kicked myself all the way home!  Well, this morning we have to go back there.  We bought 5 bushes that wouldn't fit in the van yesterday because we had it too full of other stuff (more about that tonight).  I am going to give her my name & phone number & ask her if she would be interested in showing me the stuff she wants to sell before she has her yard sale!  Keep your fingers crossed for me   : )

Okay ... gotta get ready to go!  I'll see you all again later!      


Angela said...

Wow Shirlee, wouldn't that be great to get first choice of all prim items? Sounds like a pretty nice lady so maybe she will let you look. We have NO prim stores in our area. If I don't order it or make it I am out of luck. You ask yesterday about the candy corn pattern. I just drew out the shape and made my own. You have a great day playing in the yard. Mr. P has the day off today and he will be doing the same. Maybe later in the afternoon we will go junkin and out to eat. Have a wonderful weekend. Oh, and glad you solved your problem with the online class and good luck with your studies.

bailies3 said...

Lucky you!!!!! I hope she gives you a chance to look before anyone else!!!! You will have to post pics of your treasures when you get them!!!!!It must be great to have so much land to plant with. Last year my husband made me a bird garden and I've been filling it with plants that the birds in this area love-I had a hard time getting bittersweet vines because they were just put on our states invasive list, but I did manage to get 3 plants!!!! Love your blog!!!! Tammy