Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Wednesday Morning Musings

Good morning everyone!  The sun is shining brightly here in central Kentucky this morning!  It would be a lovely day to get out in the yard & do some planting but instead I must travel down to see my doctor in Knoxville .. 3 hours there & 3 hours back.  That's okay though ... it will be nice to be back in the old stomping grounds again for a little while & I'm sure it will be an enjoyable drive with the new car   : )

Can you believe that not ONE contractor showed up yesterday to give us an estimate for our driveway & not ONE of them called to say they wouldn't be here???  It did rain in the morning but around 11 o'clock it stopped so the weather couldn't have been a factor.  I just don't understand the work ethics of people anymore   : (

I have been thinking a lot about Amish life lately.  I admit that I haven't known much about the Amish ... just the basics that everyone knows I suppose ... but I just finished reading a book that has really opened my eyes.  The title of the book is Amish Peace & it is written by Suzanne Woods Fisher.  There are various sections focusing on one aspect of Amish life & in each section are a few factual stories, each consisting of 2 pages or so, given to illustrate these aspects.  At the end of each story the author gives you some thought provoking questions to mull over to see how you can find Amish peace in your own life.  I highly recommend it!  Anyway, as I read through this book I constantly wondered what is wrong with midstream America's way of doing things, treating others, etc, that it is so very far removed from the Amish way.  Can you imagine hiring a contractor & having them do perfect work for you, as unto God?  Or having someone forgive you for an offense & never, ever, ever bring it back up to you again?  Or living life not focused on what kind of house you have, what kind of clothes you wear, what kind of degree you earn, how much money you have stored away for yourself in the bank, etc???  It boggles the mind.

A lot of times when a person states that they wish they were Amish, there are people who quickly agree that the Amish life is a good life but they themselves could NEVER give up ___________ (fill in the blank).  However, I think it would be worth giving up anything to be a part of this life.  Just think of it ... I might have to give up my new car, but in return I would have a horse & buggy & no car payments, no insurance payments, no worries that someone is going to scratch the car, no worries about its upkeep.  I might have to give up my jewelry, but in return I would be free from the worries that someone might steal it or I might lose a treasured piece one day.  I might have to give up all my crocks & dolls & sifters & enamelware & all my other collections, but in return I would be free from wondering where I'm going to put the next piece I find & doing all the dusting I have to do & wondering what will happen with all this stuff when I die.  I might have to give up movies & television shows, but in return I would have so much more time to spend with my family & friends ... taking walks along a country lane, spending time talking & listening, getting exercise, enjoying God's creations.  I could go on & on but you get the idea.

I think Amish life is, in a way, like the parable Jesus told in Matthew 13:44-46 ... "The kingdom of heaven is like a treasure hidden in a field.  When a man found it, he hid it again, & then in his joy went & sold all he had & bought that field.  Again, the kingdom of heaven is like a merchant looking for fine pearls.  When he found one of great value, he went away & sold everything he had & bought it."  (NIV)

I do believe the Amish life is a treasure in plain view of our modern society.  Many of us admire their ways but few of us embrace them ourselves.  I, for one, am determined to bring more of the Amish life into my own life.     


Linda ★ Parker's Paradise said...

There are numerous Amish in our area. They do contract work for outsiders. Our son has had them do all kinds of work at his place. They are perfectionists and work for very reasonable prices. They have their own Farmer's Market with baked goods and greenhouses for plants. They are kind, generous and usually very friendly. Some are not as outgoing but we are accepted by them. I think some people have the wrong impression of them. I think they are awesome, wholesome people. My parents live in Historic Nauvoo, IL. It was once a huge, thriving metropolis of Mormon settling. The Mormons all left-were driven out by some very small minded people. Now, while I may not believe their teaching about faith, they are a very industrious people with a strong desire to preserve their history. They have moved back into Nauvoo and, while it is no longer a thriving metropolis, it is a tourist destination and the Mormons have brought a lot to this town. There is no dissention between religions these days. Everyone gets along. They have shops and displays and many things to see and do there. Their homes are beautifully rebuilt and well-cared for. This is just another example of how well other 'groups' of people are doing in this progressive world. I think it is all moving way too fast and wish it would slow down. I'm not tired of the old ways and that is why I surround myself with tangible parts of the past.
My goodness, you did get me stirred up.
My point to all this ramble is---find an Amish contractor. They will be there when they say they will, even if they have to walk, and they will work hard and do it for what they estimate the project at. Contractors seem to think they have the right to pick and choose who they work for and while that may be true, it will eventually bite them on the a**!
Good luck with your driveway project. Sounds like you may need it.

Theresa said...

Even though it seems idyllic, it would be incredibly hard work. Nothing is always as it seems though. Sin creeps in everywhere, even in Amish communities. Their work ethic is admirable, but I imagine there are some who would give anything to live like the rest of us.

Farmhouse Dreams said...

Thank you for posting on my blog and encouraging me. You are a real blessing to me. I am so glad I found your blog. I too have thought about the benefits of living like the Amish do. And even thought what it would be like to leave everything and go live among them.. we do have alot of stresses in our modern technology driven lives.. even thinking about how our grandparents lived.. while alot of physical labor and hardship, I think I would rather work hard physically than have the mental stress-ors that come along with the age we live in. I am so glad that we have a better place to look forward in Heaven - perfect in every way.
Blessings to you my new friend!

Laura said...

I'm always very curious, I am Catholic, I'm Italian but I like reading about other religions and other Communities.
Many people judge others without knowing them. I admire the Amish and their way of life, even if I'm sure I know just the basic infos that everyone knows.
I believe that knowing more would be of great help: thank you Shirlee for your suggestion! I will try to find out this Book here in Italy (never mind if it will be in English version!).