Monday, May 2, 2011

The Garage

It's been a busy day here at the farmhouse.  This past weekend we had to buy a new car.  Long story.  Of course because it's a new car it needs to be parked in the garage.  Our garage hasn't been organized since we moved here 2 years ago.  It's a 2-car garage with a little side part that you can use for extra storage or as a workshop if you wish.  You can only imagine the disarray.  (You will need to use your imagination because I didn't think to take a "before" picture prior to tearing it apart.  I really need to be more forward thinking in the future!)

I spent several hours out there moving boxes & tables from one place to another along with sweeping away debris, cobwebs, & stomping on the stray spider or two ... or three or four or five.  I'm not for killing any of God's creatures but I make a few exceptions, spiders being one of them.  I never used to be able to kill them at all ... always had to get my husband to come take care of even the smallest one.  However, living here on the farm we have more than our share of spiders & I've gotten to the point where I can smoosh them myself.  I should be a little more clear on that ... I can smoosh them myself if they aren't too big.  Thankfully none of the ones I encountered today were bigger than I could handle.  

I was able to put some things off to the side to take to the trash dump later this week & I'm very much looking forward to that!  Other things I'm stuck with, at least for now ... empty moving boxes, boxes filled with packing materials, & boxes filled with flea market things.  I could probably find a lot more things to take to the flea market if I were to sort through all the other boxes but that will be a future project   : )

It started getting late ... a storm was rolling in & I still wasn't finished.  I didn't want the things I had temporarily placed out in the driveway to get caught in the rain so I hurried up & brought them inside, just placing them here & there to keep them out of the way of the car.  When the muscles in my arm started complaining when I once again went to pick up the broom, I decided that enough was enough & I would finish the work tomorrow.  I confess that I have been a very sedentary person for the past 2 years.  Most of the things I enjoy doing are connected with sitting.  I really need to make a change there.  

Have a blessed night everyone!      


Linda ★ Parker's Paradise said...

I, myself, am semi-sedentary.I spend most days at this computer. We fill our garage up every spring with purged items. Makes spring clean-up so much fun.......
Congrats on the new car.
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