Saturday, May 28, 2011

Saturday Morning

Good morning!  Just finished making a pot of tea ... Hot Cinnamon Sunset again.  Doesn't it seem "odd" that I have a "sunset" tea every morning???  Lol!  It just ended up being my morning tea & I hope you will join me in a cup   : )

I really hadn't intended on posting anything today.  Thought I'd give us all a rest ... lol!  But when I came out to the kitchen & looked out the back door, this is what caught my eye ...

This is one of our smoke bushes.  I took the picture through the window of the door because if I open the door a loud "Ding-Dong, Back Door" will sound ("perk" of the security alarm company) & wake up John who is still sleeping.  I might be able to get a nicer picture of it later.  Anyway, we have 6 of these bushes or trees in our yard ... 3 red, as above, & 3 green.  They are one of John's favorite growing things   : )  

While I was trying to get a good picture of the smoke bush, look who came to visit ...

One of our not-so-welcome bunny friends.  Now that the new spring growth has ended they seem to be content to munch on the seed we put out for the birds.  Just as I snapped the picture, a blue jay decided to fly by so it was kind of cute that I got them both at the same time   : )   I really wish the bunnies would decide to move elsewhere.  We have been here for 2 years & never saw them until this year.  My fear is that they are going to multiply ... like rabbits ... & take over everything.  In the meantime I have purchased some Rabbit 
Scram which is supposed to be really good at keeping them away from your plants.  It's all organic & you sprinkle it around the edges of your beds & people swear the bunnies will not cross the line ... & water supposedly enhances it.  We shall see   : )

I did order some E-patterns yesterday ... dollies & ornaments mostly.  I think what I will do is just pick one & start working on it in between the other things I have to do.  Perhaps I'll get a nice little cache of things made if I work it like this   : )   Later this morning John & I will go out & start planting, but after I finish here at the computer I think I will pick a pattern & see what's involved.  I'll pick something "quick & easy" to help fuel the motivation.  I'll keep you updated on the progress   : )


Angela said...

Hi Shirlee, Just sent a reply to google from our conversation last night. My package came today!!! Hoping you check back today. Love the smoke bush. Never heard of it. So different. Told Mr. P about the rabbit repellant. They ate all the runners off his green beans in the garden and this morning he ran off a deer! Good luck with your crafting. Can't wait to see pictures. Have a great evening.