Monday, May 16, 2011

Making Headway : )

Unfortunately I did not heed yesterday's posting yesterday although I hoped I would (didn't do much more than 2 loads of laundry & succumb to a 2-hour nap), but this morning ... ah, this morning I thought "I will accomplish at least one necessary thing today!"  I stood at the kitchen counter looking hither & yon & decided to tackle cleaning off the dining table.  Now to most of you this might not appear to be that great of an accomplishment.  I really should've taken a before & after photo.  For some reason my dining table is a catch-all for just about anything waiting to be mailed, filed, paid, looked at, responded to, etc.  For those of you who are familiar with Fibber McGee's closet, it sort of looked like that closet door opened & everything fell onto my table.  Well, I am proud to say that it is now clutter free   : )   I even finished packing a flea market box that was sitting nearby & managed to do a bit of decluttering of the kitchen counter as well!  Perhaps I'm on a roll ... lol!

It's another cool day here at the farmhouse with the promise of more rain in the forecast but that's okay ... I feel good.  I've accomplished something   : ) 


bettyj said...

AHH I had forgotten about Fibber McGhee's closet. A forum I belong to did a what is your catch all, and you know what? Everybody has one! Congrats on cleaning yours off! Pat yourself on the back

renee said...

Hi Shirlee,
I think for the Pay it Forward, that if you sign up on another persons' blog, then you also have to plan to do it on your blog. So it's kind of like it just keeps going. If this makes sense. So then you would post the similar thing on yours for 5 more people.
Glad you got some things done! I did too! Burned some debris, now I smell like smoke before I go to work. Oh well! LOL!