Wednesday, May 11, 2011

A New Obsession

It appears that gardening is getting to be an obsession with me.  Well, maybe the word "obsession" is a bit strong.  I just know that gardening is something I've been thinking about quite a lot lately & gardening itself appears to be bringing me some contentment.  I don't know why that is since gardening is a LOT of work ... lol!  Maybe there's some sort of hidden key here though ... hard work equals contentment?

John & I went to a big nursery today & we really enjoyed looking at & bringing home some of the beautiful things they had to offer.  Some of the plants we really loved were rather expensive so we had to leave them behind.  However, I did copy down their names on a notepad & found that I can buy them on eBay for up to 75% less than what the nursery was charging!  We did bring home 2 new bittersweet vines, one male & one female (the bunnies ate the ones I planted last year).  We also came home with 2 delphiniums; some sort of orange/yellow poker looking thing that the butterflies & hummingbirds supposedly love; 2 poppies; a little bush called, believe it or not, a "pink-a-boo;" 3 grape plants; a sugar baby watermelon plant; & a pretty big forsythia that was on sale for half the original price.  As we started putting things into our cart the thought immediately came to me that we are going to need to enlarge our perennial garden.  It's pretty pathetic right now ... a little rectangle-shaped thing with too many plants already, no mulch, & a very amateurish border.  It's in front of & to the side of the garage where you come up the walk to the back door.  It's really only visible when you are in that particular area.  I think maybe we ought to move it to a different part of the yard & just plant grass & put a nice bush or two where it is now.  I'll have to give this some thought.  

Phyllis McGinley, a poet & writer of children's books, said "The trouble with gardening is that is does not remain an avocation.  It becomes an obsession."  Maybe I didn't choose too strong a word   : )            


renee said...

I think it's a GOOD obsession to have! I guess you could call my a sickness! LOL! I am always amazed by all the beautiful perennials there are! I am always looking for specific things, so I have my list and wait for a very good sale, or grow them myself. I am betting that once you get a few things happening, you will want to do more. Then John better look out! LOL!
Make sure you get some fencing for those pretties!

A Primitive Homestead said...

Gardening is an obsession for me. I would much rather be tending it than cleaning house. It never seems like work to me. I love being in the sun among the plants digging in the dirt. Might sound a little nuts. It all began 16 yrs ago for me. But 13 years ago it became my self therapy. Thats a story in its self. Lots of tears were shed watering my first plants. I find peace in the garden. Before you know it you will be running out of space. Beautiful rose. Blessings!