Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Weight Loss Update

Good morning!  I hope you are doing well!  I've just made a fresh pot of Hot Cinnamon Sunset tea so please help yourself a cup & join me out on the front porch for a little visit before we both have to start our work for today   : )

Can you hear all those animal sounds?  They are coming from our neighbor across the street & just down a little ways ... there behind that row of trees.

I've never met these people but I'm a bit tempted to go over there to say hello so I can see just how many different types of animals they have!  There are dogs, for sure, but I'm also hearing donkeys, chickens, roosters, ducks, turkeys, cows, & yes, even peacocks!  Who knows what other creatures might be over there!  The animal sounds are not annoying at all.  They are in the distance, somewhat muffled, & I really enjoy them!  Many of our neighbors have animals.  John & I have thought about getting a couple cows to put in the hay field out back, or some sheep.  We've also thought about getting a little chicken house & a few chickens to live there.  What holds us back from doing that is (1) we don't know if we are going to stay here yet, & (2) livestock ties you down.  If we wanted to head off on a journey of even a day or two, we couldn't leave the livestock unattended ... & our neighbors are unfortunately not the friendly sort.  I was really hurt when we moved here & no one dropped by to welcome us ... not even our closest neighbor.  John & I made jokes before we moved here that once we moved in the neighbors would probably be coming over to welcome us with a loaf of homemade bread or a goat or something.  I guess I've watched too many movies where this happens.  It's happened in other places we've moved (no goats of course) but not here.

Since I mentioned movies, it occurred to me to tell you about a WONDERFUL movie ... one of my favorites ... that I think is very entertaining.  It's an old black & white film called The Egg & I starring Fred MacMurray & Claudette Colbert.  They move to the country to raise chickens.  All the neighbors are very friendly & stop by to welcome them & help them out when needed.  This movie marks the first appearance of Ma & Pa Kettle.  I've always loved them & I especially enjoy seeing them in this movie.  If you haven't seen it, I highly recommend it   : )

As you know, I have embarked on a weight loss program under the care of my doctor.  I wasn't going to bore you with my weight loss journey here on this blog but I received several comments saying that my journey would be of interest ... therefore I will share   : )   I won't go into all the details but just give a brief update every Wednesday.  Today marks the completion of my first week & I must say that it went very well.  My treadmill hasn't arrived yet so I haven't been doing the walking that my doctor wants me to do but I've been getting a bit of exercise doing yard work (when it hasn't been raining) & working here in the house which is a LOT more activity than usual.  I'm eating lean meats, fresh fruits & vegetables, & drinking 80 ounces of water per day.  There are very few meats, fruits, & veges I can choose from but I'm not minding it at all.  I feel so much better!  I definitely have more energy, I'm breathing a bit better, & all in all I just FEEL better!  I have a long road ahead of me (I need to lose 80 pounds) but I will see the end of that road one step at a time   : )   As of today I have lost 12-1/2 pounds!  I know that during the first week of a weight loss program ... especially when you are as overweight as I am ... you lose quite a bit of weight at first & a lot of that is water weight.  I don't expect to lose 12-1/2 pounds every week (although it sure would be nice if I could) but I'm off to a good start   : )

It's been so nice visiting with you!  Are you sure you don't want another cup of tea?  Yes, I have to get on with my work too   : )   Since it appears like it's going to be an un-rainy day, John & I will need to get out in the yard & plant at least a few of those trees we've bought recently!  I hope you have a very good day!  Do stop by again   : )