Thursday, May 26, 2011

Guten Morgen!

Yes, I have started my German language course   : )   Thus far it is going well although my voice box isn't used to making some of these sounds ... lol!  I have already learned the names of some things, some colors, & how to ask a couple questions & give a couple answers.  This is fun!

As I posted yesterday, it was predicted that we would have an un-rainy day.  John & I both had this "accomplishment thing" going on & we were looking forward to planting some of the trees & bushes we bought in the past week or two.  First things first though ... we had to make a trip to Walmart to pick up a few necessities.  While we were there, John tells me that we probably need to pick up some "dirt."  "Dirt," to me, is topsoil.  I knew that our Walmarts here do not sell topsoil.  I told him we'd have to go to Lowes for that.  Lowes is at the very end of our  nearest town, & the Walmart we went to is in another town in the opposite direction.  He decided he didn't want to do all that driving so we'd just work with what we had.  I knew that we had several bags of topsoil in the garage so it didn't strike me as odd that he wanted more because we had a lot to plant.  I figured we had enough to plant most of the trees & bushes we had bought.  Well, we get home & we put on our working clothes & we head outside & he looks & says "We're not going to get much planted with this 1 bag of dirt!"  When he said "dirt," he was referring to Miracle-Gro.  As I said up above, my thoughts are that "dirt" is topsoil.  Miracle-Gro is Miracle-Gro.  A rather "lively discussion" ensued & we began planting.  We got 4 things planted ... a Knock Out rose bush, an old-fashioned snowball bush, a green smoke tree, & an Eastern Redbud ... before the Miracle-Gro ran out.  John will not plant anything without adding some Miracle-Gro to the planting area.  Our soil is very clay-like & it's difficult to dig in the best of times.  We usually throw the clay-like stuff away & replace it with a mix of  bagged topsoil & Miracle-Gro.  Anyway, by this time, after working in the 86-degree temperature, we were both dirty & sweaty & we really didn't want to get cleaned up to drive all the way to Lowes to buy more Miracle-Gro so we ended the day's planting.  At least we accomplished something!  Sadly, we had some storms last night & today we are under a severe weather alert so nothing will be accomplished today ... but the weekend is supposed to be rain-free so hooray!  Looks like a busy weekend ahead of us   : )

I also posted yesterday that I'm still awaiting delivery of my treadmill, but UPS did come visit to deliver the treadmill mat.  Perhaps this will be a good day to go upstairs to clear out a space & put down the mat ... then everything will be ready when the treadmill arrives so I can get it assembled & up & running right away.  Here at the farmhouse I am in charge of assembling things, attaching things, & taking things apart & putting them back together because I have a "knack" for that ... but it drives me crazy sometimes ... lol!

Right now I am sitting here looking out the diningroom window.  My laptop sits on our dining table.  I told you that we haven't really "moved in" yet   : )  

It doesn't look bad right now, but if I go outside & look in the distance I can see some darkness.  Ah well, everything in the yard ... planted & unplanted ... will enjoy the rain, & I can get that upstairs area taken care of. 


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