Saturday, May 14, 2011

Hello Again!

Happy Saturday morning everyone!  After a few days of no rain the farmhouse is being showered upon this morning.  I must admit I'm happy to see it raining again.  It's very odd but after all the rain we had for weeks on end much that I could hear squishing noises when I walked on the grass ... it dried up pretty quickly & I was actually needing to go out & water things each evening!  I'm sure a few of the new plants we've put in are happy with this shower not to mention the ones waiting their turn for planting.  I still haven't made up my mind where they are going to go yet & I actually ordered more yesterday from Gurney's website!

It's good to be able to post & read everyone's blogs again.  I missed being able to do that while the Blogger site was down for maintenance or whatever it was they were doing.  I do have a question for those of you who are blog savvy.  I notice that when I visit some of your blogs, you have an area where it shows your favorite blogs & I can just click on a blog name & visit those as well!  Some even include a sort of ... I don't know what to call it ... notification of the last time a post was made so that you will know if something new has been added recently.  How can I put a list like this on my blog?

I've been thinking a lot lately about how God will never leave us or forsake us (Hebrews 13:5) ... how He is there for us when others are not.  It's probably not the best trait to have but I am one of those people whose feelings are hurt rather easily.  The older I get, the better I am able to not let these hurt feelings get the best of me.  Unfortunately there are still times when they do.  One of the times they surface is when I take the time to write a long letter or email to a friend or family member & it is either (A) ignored totally or (B) the person writes back but does not comment on anything I wrote to them.  Of course there are some things that you just don't comment on.  If I were to mention that I made taco salad for dinner & had a lot of dishes to wash, I wouldn't expect the person to comment on my cooking or cleaning chores.  However, if I write to someone & go on for a couple paragraphs about something that happened that made me upset, a new remodeling project I'm planning, etc ... if the person does not comment on any of that, it's like they can't possibly care less about what happened or what I am planning.  Once I moved to another state & it turned out to be a real nightmare. I could tell you everything that made it a nightmare but this post would grow very long.  Just imagine the worst place you've ever lived & multiply that by at least 50.  Anyway, I wrote a 9-page letter (typed on 8.5 x 11 typing paper, single spaced) to my best friend in the town we had moved from telling her what we were dealing with.  When I received her response, the first line was "Wow!  I've never received a 9-page letter before!" ... & then she went on to tell me about what she was doing & never mentioned anything I told her.  I never bothered to confide anything to her again.  Recently this situation ... where I've taken the time to write to someone about something important to me & they haven't bothered to comment on what I wrote or to respond to it at all ... has happened 3 times & involved 2 friends & 1 family member.  I started feeling very hurt about this but then God reminded me that people are always going to disappoint.  It doesn't matter how much they love us, it doesn't matter if they are our sister or our best friend or our husband or our child, there are times they will hurt our feelings because they are people.  However, God will never disappoint us.  We can go to Him at any hour to tell Him what we are doing or what is bothering us & He will listen & He will care.  We can go to His Word & search for answers that we are seeking & we will find them (Matt 7:7).  If any of you have feelings which are hurt rather easily at times, this is a good thing to remember   : )    


renee said...

Hi Shirlee,
It's raining here too! Still! I want to get out and get some things going on!
You are right,people can and will let you down, it's just the nature of things, BUT I don't think they always do it intentionally.
We should never put our faith in man, it should only be in the Lord. He is always there to sustain us. I often have to remind myself of this, seek his will and he will reveal himself. I hope that you are having a good day today.