Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Where Does the Time Go ... & Why Is There So Much to Do???

How did it get to be Tuesday already?!?!?  I know it's been busy here at the farmhouse but honestly!  Tuesday! I mentioned to John yesterday that it's almost June!  The time seems to be literally flying by!  Do you remember when you were little ... it seemed to take "forever" for your birthday to come around, or Christmas, or summer vacation.  Not anymore ... lol!

Added to the time passing so quickly, it seems that life is busier than it has ever been ... & it seems it keeps getting busier!  I remember when our children were little.  We didn't have a car back then & some people were kind enough to drive us to church each Sunday.  Naturally I was kept very busy with 2 little children to take care of & I said something to these people one day about how I was looking forward to when the kids would be a little older & there wouldn't be so much to do.  They both got a good laugh out of that & one of them said something like how there's always going to be more & more to do.  I didn't believe that at the time.  I believe it now!  I'm not talking about things like overcommiting yourself by volunteering to head up too many committees or not being able to say "no" when someone asks you to do something.  I'm just talking about everyday life.  John retired 3 years ago & I retired along with him.  You would assume that when you retired you would have all this free time on your hands, but that isn't the case at all ... lol!    

I did finish the mowing last Saturday but we haven't been able to do any planting since then.  Although it hasn't been raining during the day, we are having heavy downpours in the evening hours which make it impossible to dig the next day.  Yesterday we actually had to go out & repot 3 of the variegated Japanese willow bushes we bought last week.  They had grown too big for their pots & some of the branches were starting to dry up & die although we kept them well watered.  Luckily we had larger pots left over from previous purchases.  We moved them into those pots, trimmed off the dead/dying branches, & they look very happy now   : )   We asked some landscapers to come here to dig out a planting area around the front of our foundation ... way too difficult a task for us old fogies ... & I sure hope they call & tell us they're coming soon.  There's no way we can repot these willows again.

Thanks for visiting this morning!  It's always nice to have you stop by for a cup of tea & a little chat   : )