Thursday, June 9, 2011


Good morning dear friends!  Before I write anything else I'd like to thank those of you who responded to my cry for help with my blog issues yesterday.  I really appreciate you offering to help me through what to me is total darkness & I will contact you soon to do just that   : )

My visit to Lexington yesterday was semi-productive.  The clinic I visited can only take over 1 aspect of the care provided to me by my doctor in Knoxville.  They did, however, give me a couple other possibilities & I will pursue those today.

While in Lexington we stopped at the Half-Price Books store.  John loves to read biographies & he found 4 to add to his collection.  What did I find?  These!

Yes, a magazine & a book about raising chickens!  This is a direct result of the bad, bad influence of one of my blogging friends who shall remain nameless ... lol!  I actually can't put all the blame on her ... she has just fueled the flames   : )   John & I toyed with the idea of getting some chickens when we moved here but the move turned out to be a horrible experience & all we thought about from the day we moved in was when can we move out.  We have mellowed a wee, wee bit over the past 2 years & have gotten a wee, wee bit "comfortable" in our surroundings (although this may just stem from the dread of trying to sell & move again) but the possibility of moving is still with us.  Anyway, thanks to this chicken-loving blogging friend we have taken to looking at the back yard & planning where we will put the chicken house!  Yesterday I had the bright idea of  fencing in the back so the chickens can run free & John says "Why fence in just the back?  Let them run all over the yard!"  This is all very exciting but also totally insane because like I said, we don't even know yet if we are going to stay here or put the place up for sale but I am ready to buy chickens ... lol!  I'm looking at our gates & the fence already bordering the back of the yard & my mind says "I think a chicken can crawl through that."  The front yard needs fencing on half of one side.  It's the neighbor's fence actually.  He took it down before we moved here for some reason & said he was going to put it back but never did.  My mind keeps racing with chicken thoughts as though I don't have a gazillion other things to take care of inside the house ... lol!  Heaven help me   : )  I'm sure though that whatever we do ... stay here or move ... we are going to have chickens!!!


Linda ★ Parker's Paradise said...

Wish I could have chickens......
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