Thursday, June 2, 2011

The Influence of Walt Disney

Good morning!  It's a lovely morning here at the farmhouse & the weatherman says we will have a beautiful, although somewhat hot day (86), but I won't be getting out to do any yard work ... at least not this morning.  Yesterday we were going into town & I had a prescription to pick up.  The pharmacist said it would be ready but I always check because she's said that before & then I get there & it's not.  I tried to call her to make sure but the line was busy.  John was ready to go so I got out my cell phone, which I only use when traveling in case of emergencies, & turned it on so I could enter the pharmacy phone number & call her while we were in town.  What did I find?  Six messages from the delivery company trying to get in touch with me so they could deliver the treadmill!  In the first message they left, they were asking me if a delivery date of May 24 would be acceptable!  Called them back right away & apologized, saying that I didn't know how the company I dealt with had my cell phone number since I rarely use it.  All is well now & delivery is scheduled for sometime mid-afternoon today.  This means no yard work before then.  I will try to do some this evening.

I had to cut my yard work short yesterday because of the necessary trip to town.  John decided he wanted to go sooner rather than later so I just got the rest of my weeding done before having to clean up.  Had a wonderful time at Lowes, as always ... lol!  I much prefer Menards but I'm not aware of any of these stores even remotely nearby.  Got my soil for the butterfly garden & yes, brought home 5 new plants along with it.  At least one of them is for the butterfly garden.  The others I can't remember except for some beautiful zinnias.  I don't usually plant annuals but I have a soft spot for zinnias.

I did go back out outside after dinner to try to get a little more done.  I planted my bittersweet vines & hopefully these ones will take off.  The ones I planted last year never amounted to much & then the bunnies chewed them down to nothing when they started coming up this year.  I dug a nice planting spot for them, gave them some good topsoil, & then applied the Rabbit Scram around the planting area per the directions.  Held my breath when I looked out the window this morning but they were still there   : )   I'd like to get another female plant or two.  Maybe I'll mention that to John & we can take a trip to the nursery in Frankfort tomorrow where I bought these two.  I also planted a grapevine which I didn't tell John about.  Our first year here, he bought 2 grapevines & planted them near the fence.  John's idea of planting is dig a hole, throw in the plant, add some Miracle-Gro, cover it up with dirt, give it some water, & leave it be.  He doesn't take anything else into consideration.  He planted the grapevines about a foot & a half away from the fence & then was trying to get them to bend way over to the fence to grow along it.  They sort of did but not very well.  One of them ended up dying.  The other one I ended up mowing over because the grass had gotten too high & I didn't see it.  That is the one that I found growing again yesterday so I dug a proper place for it, moved it close to the fence, & I'm hoping for the best.

I once heard a talk show host make the observation that Walt Disney is the cause of all the extreme unrealistic views that some people hold regarding our environment because he brought our own human life into things that don't have it.  Tables talking with teapots for instance ... inanimate things expressing emotions in various ways.  Or a group of flies getting together to go watch a baseball game between the grasshoppers & the beetles, cheering on the grasshoppers & then having drinks & hot dogs after the game.  Because of this, these extreme environmentalists say we can't drill for oil in a certain area because a certain type of fly lives there & we don't want to take away their home.  In reality these flies do not serve any purpose whatsoever but these people see these flies with human feelings.  Okay ... so this morning I'm making tea.  As I've mentioned before, it's always Hot Cinnamon Sunset for me.  John, however, likes plain old Lipton Orange & Spice.  The tea bag caddy was empty of this tea so I went to the pantry & opened up a new box.  I set one bag aside to use & was putting the other bags in the caddy when one of them kind of popped out & landed near the one I had set aside.  I actually said "Oh no you don't ... you have to wait your turn!"  Perhaps I should call a mental health professional ... lol!

Have a great day everyone!


Trace4J said...

Hi friend..
My family was from Partridge Kentucky.
A few are still left but most have passed away.
Have a wonderful day.
Granny Trace

Angela said...

Shirlee, So glad your treadmill is on it's way. Hoping you have it as I comment. Take care if you do gardening this afternoon as it is so hot. Here we are in the middle 90's. Too hot for me to be outside. Have a great day.

renee said...

You have been busy! I love zinnias too, I WISH they were a perennial! I hope that you have a great weekend!