Monday, June 13, 2011


I know you will all find this very hard to believe.  I can barely believe it myself but guess who called me this afternoon?  One of the landscapers I left a message for last week!  Not only did he call to ask me what I wanted him to do, he told me he'd be here about 6:30 to take a look at things ... & he showed up!!!  I wanted to hug him!  We discussed a variety of ideas & my head is spinning.  I am having difficulty visualizing some of his suggestions.  He asked me to come by his place in the next day or two & he will show me some bushes & plants to choose from.

He thought I did a good job on my butterfly garden   : )   I just have the topsoil & organic matter in there now & I sort of put the plants in their pots on top of that to try to find a nice arrangement.  I already had a butterfly checking it out today   : )

Tomorrow morning will involve another trip to Lexington to meet with another possible doctor to pick up the other half of my care.  The office manager I spoke with on the phone seemed a little pushy as far as all the things this doctor can do for me & all the meds I can buy directly from their office rather than from my pharmacy.  I can see I'm going to have to be firm in my wants when I see her.

No photos today I'm afraid ... will try to get some tomorrow.    


Trace4J said...

Great news friend!!
I will be thinking and saying a prayer for you at docs tom.
Hugs to you!
Granny Trace

jennifer768 said...

So happy that the landscaper showed up for you .Will be praying things go well for you at the doctor tomorrow.Hugs,Jen