Thursday, June 16, 2011

Rabbit Scram

A few of you have mentioned having trouble with bunnies eating your flowers & produce so I thought I'd post the URL if you want to try the Rabbit Scram.  I purchased it from Gardener's Supply Company.,default,pd.html

As I think I've posted before, the bunnies ate my bittersweet vines down to the stalks last year.  I really want to grow bittersweets so this year I bought 2 new plants, planted them & used the Rabbit Scram.  Both John & I have witnessed bunnies hopping over to the bittersweets, pausing for a bit, & then hopping away.  The bittersweets are doing great & I bought 3 more to plant   : )

Just this quickie post for this morning.  Need to run off to Lowes to pick up yes, more soil, & then stop at the nursery to talk with the landscaper about what plants we might want him to put around our foundation.  I've been looking at some magazines & online & I've seen some really pretty hydrangeas & peonies.  However, I am concerned about planting them because every time I see them someplace the flower heads are hanging down to the ground & they look horrible.  My mother used to have a big hydrangea & I don't remember it ever doing that but then I'm sure I didn't pay all that much attention when I was growing up.  Anyway, the plan is to then come home & plant the butterfly garden ... hooray!  Will definitely post photos later   : )