Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Weight Loss Update #5 - & Catching Up

I'm getting a late start on my blog today.  John & I had to run a few errands this morning & time just got away from me.

I am pleased to report that my weight loss amounted to 5 pounds this past week!  What's even more surprising to me is I am completing week #5 of my diet today!  I thought it was week #6!  In total thus far I have lost 30-1/2 pounds!  Once again I don't really look any different but my clothes are looser (not so loose that I have to go down a size though) & I feel better.  I had to laugh while standing in the checkout line at Walmart this morning.  You know how they have those tabloid papers on display as you stand in line.  The headlines are sure good for a laugh sometimes.  Anyway, I actually reached over & took one of the magazines out of the display because it showed a picture of a celebrity wearing a bikini & the caption read "(celebrity's name) Sheds 30 Pounds!"  I showed it to John & said "Look at this!  I've lost 30 pounds & I don't look like this!"  He very thoughtfully said "Oh honey, you know how they airbrush the photos in those magazines!"  Yep ... he's a keeper   : )

I've been spending the past couple days cleaning the house & straightening it up a bit.  I also did some planting & yard work yesterday for a few hours because the predicted rain passed us by.  It doesn't look like much but I did get my other 3 bittersweets planted so I now have a group of 5 ...

Not a very good photo but you get the idea.  I planted them along the fence that separates the front of our land, which is cleared, from the back of our land which grows wild & can be harvested for hay.  We really ought to look into getting some cows or something back there.  I kind of feel like it's a shame to let all that land go to waste.  I also planted a hollyhock ...

Sad, sad picture of a sad, sad hollyhock that has been waiting for planting for much too long.  I hope it survives.  I bought some small hollyhock plants when we first moved here but they didn't make it.  I want to grow some hollyhocks because they were my dad's favorite flower.  My mother told me that once but it is a mystery to me why she never planted any.  She had a huge garden ... a few of them actually ... with all kinds of flowers but no hollyhocks.  This ... & hopefully a few others to follow some day ... will be in memory of my dad   : )   I planted it along the same fence as the bittersweets.  

Someone mentioned my bifocals the other day & it jogged my memory that I hadn't updated anyone on them!  I wore them all the first day & half the second day.  After experiencing what I can only imagine would be what people see when they are on some kind of hallucinogenic drug, I took them back to where I bought them.  The gal who sold them to me did some measurements & guess what ... they were off a couple millimeters here & there!  She said "No wonder things are bowing for you!!!"  I am now awaiting a new pair with the promise that I will be able to wear them.  Thankfully I didn't toss away my old readers!

I need to do some more straightening up upstairs.  Remember the treadmill?  It's still in pieces.  I read the assembly instructions & thought "no way."  I saw a phone number to call if you wanted to hire someone to come put it together for you.  Sounded like money well spent to me.  I am awaiting a call from whoever this person will be to schedule a time for them to come to do the assembly.  It's actually a good thing since (1) they will supposedly know what they're doing, & (2) if something goes wrong with it, it's their fault, not mine.  The company said the person's assembly work is guaranteed.

Dinner is going to be a bit late tonight.  I decided doing my blog post took priority ... lol!  Thanks for stopping by to visit!         


Angela said...

Shirlee, So proud for you. You might not be able to see a difference, but I bet someone who hasn't seen you in a while would be surprised. It's just like growing older. We see ourselves everyday and it is a slow process. But I have seen classmates in town that I haven't seen in a long while and as soon as we part, I will ask Mr P., " Do we look like we have aged that much?" He's not as kind as your hubby and he says, I'm sure we have. (ha). But even if you can't tell, your feelings and the way you feel about yourself is what matters most. You are doing it for yourself and your health. I am so proud for you. We actually had an early supper, but we are having storms right now. Have a great evening.

jennifer768 said...

Way to go Shirlee ! Keep up the good work . I like hollyhocks but if it survives it will not be alone next year. They spread fast .Hope that you get your glasses lined out soon.Hugs,Jen

renee said...

Hey 30 pounds is pretty great! The holly hock should do alright, they are easy to grow, and one of my favorites! If it would ever stop raining, I could get my stuff planted! Sigh. So much to do! I hope you are having a great rest of the week!

bettyj said...

Congrats on the weight loss!That is something to be proud of for sure. Good luck on your bittersweet and your hollyhocks!