Saturday, June 25, 2011

How Do I Find "Specialty Blogs?"

I am wondering if it is possible to key in something somewhere that I'm interested in & have a list of blogs centering around that particular interest be displayed?  I would love to find some blog friends who enjoy making items from beeswax, other wax crafts, making braided rugs from wool, etc.

Since I didn't get out to mow yesterday I will be doing it today.  Whereas yesterday we had major winds that prevented me from mowing it looks as though there isn't a bit of wind at all today.  Not good for the heat factor but good for mowing.  Perhaps the landscapers will show up today & do some work.  I hope so.  They are taking their good old time doing anything.  How long has it been now since I contracted with them to do this work?  Seems like it's been at least 2 weeks.  The foundation hasn't even been touched.  One of them came one day & put some mulch around about 2/3 of our trees & bushes & needs to come back to finish the rest.  On another day he came & moved a small Japanese maple to the back of our property & in its place planted a blue spruce.  That's been the extent of it.  I must say that I'm getting a bit annoyed, especially since we have those huge willow bushes that are starting to overgrow their second repotting.  If the landscapers don't show up this weekend I'll have to call on Monday & see what's going on.  They had informed me that after they edge the beds around the foundation they will need to pretreat them & then wait 10 days until they can plant anything in them.  At the rate they are going it will be October before it all gets done!

Last night I worked some more upstairs trying to make a space for the treadmill & trying to put boxes & things in a semblance of order.  It feels like a losing game.  I need a LOT of space for the treadmill so it pretty much overshadows the entire room.  This is the room that is supposed to be my craft room.  I had envisioned building cabinets along one side of the wall, having a table in the center for me to work on ... a nice primitive space.  Alas, that's not going to happen.  There's nowhere else to put the treadmill so I'm stuck.  As I moved boxes & tried to find more space in closets to put things it really saddened me.  I've mentioned before that when we moved into this house things were so bad that we wanted to sell it & leave right away.  We have never "settled in" because the thought has always been that we are going to leave.  Now we aren't so sure.  I've never unpacked a lot of moving boxes, most of which have my crafting things, prim decor, etc.  I picked up a box to move last night that was not sealed & saw it was something I bought months ago ... actually several things like prim ditty bags filled with Sweet Annie, prim wax-dipped battery candles, prim dolls, cupboard tucks, etc.  How sad to have them hiding in boxes but such is life right now.

I'm sorry ... this is really bordering on a downer post, isn't it!  Sorry ... my ponderings have run amuck ... lol!  JOY!  Gotta remember my blog friend Trace's quest for JOY!  Okay ... what JOY can I find in all this stuff I've been rambling on about?  I guess that would be that come October I should have a pretty nice looking foundation ... lol!  And one of these days I will experience an overload of JOY when I get to unpack all these boxes & find all the goodies that are inside of them   : )              

I wish you a very blessed day filled with accomplishment &, of course, JOY!  Thanks so much for stopping by ... I always appreciate your visits   : )  


renee said...

Yes, we have to find the joy in this life, and I think it's good that you are taking steps to make this house a HOME! It CAN be! I am sorry that the landscapers don't seem to be motivated, I would be a little upset too, those things need to get planted soon, so they have time to acclimate.
Every step is a good one, even when we think we aren't doing much, it all counts!