Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Weight Loss Update #6

Before I post anything else, I want to thank everyone who made such kind comments about my quilts.  I really appreciate them   : )

I'm barely making this post under the wire!  Seems one Wednesday passes & another one is here before I know it.  I can't believe I've been starving myself eating a healthy diet (with very limited choices) for 6 weeks already!  I dropped 3-1/2 pounds this past week.  I must admit that once in a while I feel kind of tired of eating the same stuff all the time.  I don't really crave anything in particular but I sure wish I could eat some of my favorite things.  Nothing "crazy" like chips or cakes or pies or candy or ice cream ... just wonderfully delicious things like cheese, rice, Italian food,  perogies, meatloaf, a sandwich, etc.  I tell myself to be patient ... it's not like I can never eat these things again but sometimes the end of this diet seems awfully far away.

On Monday I mentioned maybe going to this huge junk place over in the next town.  I did.  John really didn't feel like going out so I was on my own.  I decided to not only go there but to check out the local peddlers mall & my favorite prim shop as well.  First I went & picked up my revised bifocals.  As soon as I put them on I told the owner of the shop that I couldn't see very well at all.  Once again I'm having that bowing effect when I look at the computer or try to read a book.  I can't really see much of anything clearly out of them.  I feel like I'm looking through someone else's glasses.  They are worse than the first pair I had!  The owner said to wear them for a week ... I should get used to them by then.  I've tried  wearing them for 2 days now but something has got to be terribly wrong here.  I mean, I should see something clearly, shouldn't I?  She's telling me I'll probably have to bend my head at different angles to look at different things or move my glasses up & down my nose to find good angles when I view different things. I told her I would wear them for a week but if I didn't see an improvement I was bringing them back to exchange them for a pair of readers.  She said that she would give me readers if I couldn't wear them after a week.  Anyway, I did go to those shops & found some goodies!  I'll post some photos tomorrow.  I also found out at the last shop I visited that there were several other shops I could've checked out near the first one I had visited so I'm planning to make a trip to those in the not-too-distant future   : )

John & I had to go to Louisville today & when we came home there was a message on the answering machine from the landscaper saying he & his guys will be here tomorrow morning to edge, plant, put down some mulch, & then they'll have to come back with more mulch at another time.  I asked what happened to pretreating the soil like he had mentioned doing & he said that it would take too long to do that.  He was also supposed to replace our bad dirt with some good topsoil.  From the way it sounds they're going to come here, edge the beds, then dig holes & plant things amongst the grass & weeds & then pack mulch around everything.  When he mulched around our trees & bushes he said that he didn't have to remove the grass & weeds around them because covering it with the mulch would make it die.  I wonder what I've gotten myself into here.  I'm also wondering what he's planning to plant!  I know we talked about certain bushes for out front but in back there's going to be a perennial garden & we have no idea which perennials we want to plant.  Hopefully he isn't just bringing a bunch from his nursery to put there.  Tomorrow should be an interesting day.


Trace4J said...

Sorry to hear your troubles with your glasses still.
Ugh..And your landscaper..
But cant wait to see all your goodies.
And woohoo 3 1/2 more pounds is great! Good for you.
Have great day

renee said...

Well, I am proud of your weight loss! Sorry you are having trouble with the glasses, and the landscaper is only partially right!
I have been killing sod for a year now! LOL! It can be done, but it's a SLOW process that way, the best way is to cut it and take it out.
You have to cut the grass very short and then use either newspaper layers wet them and place the grass on top of this. Trust me, it is slow,but I am doing it in the back because my Joe Pye is too big for me to get in there and take it out!
I hope he will do a decent job, keep an eye on them and make sure he knows exactly what you are wanting him to do.
Have a great weekend.
I will be working this one!