Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Weight Loss Update #2

Good morning!  I've just finished brewing the tea ... Hot Cinnamon Sunset of course ... so please help yourself to a cup!  Let's go sit outside on the front porch for a while & chat a bit   : )

I didn't think that John & I would be getting much accomplished today out in the yard because last night the prediction was for a 50% chance of thunderstorms.  The same was predicted for Thursday.  I decided to visit again when I logged onto the computer this morning & what did I see but no more mention of thunderstorms or rain of any kind until Sunday when there is just a slight possibility.  Instead we are going to have "abundant sunshine" with a high of 89 today!  The work goes on ... lol!

Do any of you have back problems?  I do.  Although they are not a constant thing, I need to be careful not to overdo or my back will go out ... accompanied by much pain ... & then I'll be like an invalid for a few days.  This hasn't happened for many years, thank you Lord, but I think all the yard work is aggravating my back a bit.  I've got a "twinge" in my lumbar area lately & I know I've got to be really careful about what I do.  Several years ago I purchased an inversion table.  For those of you who might not know what an inversion table is, it's a long table-type surface that is positioned in an A-shaped metal frame.  There are 2 clamps at the bottom of the table where you clamp in your feet & then you slowly tilt the table until you are hanging upside down.  It's really beneficial for your legs, back, & neck.  5 minutes a day is all it takes.  The salesperson talked about all the benefits it gave you but I said I was not able to hang upside down.  Even if my head was hanging down to the floor for a few seconds, I had to get upright again right away because I felt like my head was going to explode.  The salesperson said that little by little, by inverting the table just a little more each day, I would be able to hang totally upside down in no time.  (He also indicated that I didn't have to hang totally upside down to get the benefits, but since I am plagued by OCD I was determined to do it "the right way.")  Well, the salesperson was right ... within a week or two I was able to hang totally upside down without any problems ... & it felt SO good!  I haven't used that table since we moved here 2 years ago.  It's out in the garage.  I think it would be a good idea for John to bring it in so I can put it upstairs in what is supposed to be my craft room.  That's the only space I have for it.  However, this bums me out a little because I'm going to have the treadmill up there as well ... & if I put the inversion table up there too, it's going to look like a gym!  How in the world am I supposed to make a prim crafting room with gym equipment in it?  There's a puzzle for you to ponder today!

Today marks the end of Week 2 of my diet & it is still going well.  Stepped on the scale this morning to find I have lost another 6 pounds!  That's a total of 18-1/2 pounds in 2 weeks!  Happy dance, happy dance   : )   I THINK I can feel a very slight looseness in my clothing but I'm really not looking any different than I looked 2 weeks ago.  I feel very different thought ... much lighter & much healthier.

John & I will do some yard work when he gets up & then we'll need to go to town to run a few errands.  Then there will be lots of paperwork that I need to take care of when I get home.  I am bad about paperwork.  Instead of taking care of things right away, I pile them up in a sort of "in box" until I have a dozen or more things to take care of & then I am overwhelmed!  I need to work on that   : )

Thanks for coming to visit & I hope you enjoyed your tea!             


Angela said...

WOOO HOOOO! Congrat. to you Shirlee. Wow, I need the diet you are on. That's great for 2 weeks. So proud for you.
Be careful with that back. I, too, have spells with my back and it's not fun when it happens. Can't wait to see the butterfly garden. Sounds neat. Have a great day and take care.

Trace4J said...

YIPPPEEEEE for you thats wonderful!!
So fast too..I have really messed up this week.
Got to get back on track.
Granny Trace
P.s I raise chickens as pets and eat and share the eggs.
But I also raise organic free range chickens for my families meals.(we dont name those)
have a goodnight friend!

Roberta said...

You're doing great on your diet! Always a good sign when the clothes are a little looser. And getting out and working in the yard always helps, but be careful with your back! ~Roberta