Monday, June 27, 2011

God Does Not Want Me To Mow

Apparently God does not want me to mow.  I was all set to go on Friday but the winds were so strong that it made it impossible for me to do the mowing because the clippings would've been blowing back at me most of the time.  On Saturday I got on my mowing clothes, revved up my iPod & went out to the garage to get on the mower & found it had a flat tire.  Who knew how difficult it would be to figure out how to fix it.  By the time we searched the manual (no help at all), called the extended protection plan line (no help), called the Husqvarna help line (not open on weekends), called Lowes (no idea what to do but they would try to find out & yes, they did sell replacement tires), then went to Lowes to buy a new tire & get second-hand information on how to remove & replace the blown one, then came back home, & then sat for I don't know how long trying to follow their directions which were not as cut & dried as they sounded & resulted in 2 more phone calls to the store & quite a gash in John's finger ... it was too late to start mowing so we did some planting & weeding instead.  Yesterday morning I woke up at 6 a.m. to lightning, thunder, & quite a downpour so that ended any chance of mowing ... & this morning I'm sitting here reading the blogs that I follow & suddenly I could barely see the end of the driveway because the rain was pouring down so hard.  It has stopped now but I can hear thunder approaching.  Okay Lord ... I'll hold off on the mowing & go clean the upstairs bathroom instead   : )

I am somewhat proud of myself.  As I have mentioned, probably too many times, my husband & I were not sure when we moved here that we were going to stay & therefore we have a lot (A LOT) of moving boxes still packed & stuck here & there waiting for us to make a decision.  The thought was "why unpack them & then turn around & have to pack them again?"  The move here was so excruciatingly painful in so many ways that there is still a part of me that can not/will not say "we have decided to stay."  We haven't really made that decision but I kind of think the decision is being made for us?  I'm sort of thinking that we may as well settle in & make ourselves at home & then if 6 months from now we decide to move then so be it.  This thought just came to me within the past 2 months or so & therefore I kind of don't know what to do with it ... lol!  Anyway, I was doing some more decluttering of my craft room upstairs yesterday in preparation for the treadmill to be set up.  I took some unwanted/unnecessary things out to the garage (which sort of looks like Fibber McGee's closet even though I spent a couple days cleaning it last month) & then went to the hall closet where I have boxes of heaven knows what stored although I knew exactly what the 3 tall skinny boxes held.  Two of them held hearth brooms (which I bought to place near the fireplace in our next house ... always looking ahead, that's me) & the other held a candle thing that I bought 2-1/2 years ago when we were looking around to move to what turned out to be this house.  I opened the 2 boxes that held the hearth brooms & of course it was like Christmas since I had forgotten what they looked like ... & it was especially exciting because one of them held 2 brooms!  I had totally forgotten that I had purchased a whisk broom along with one of the hearth brooms!  Then I opened the box with the candle thing.  It has a metal hanging thing (the way I describe stuff is awe-inspiring, isn't it ... lol!) that you hang over a cupboard door & then you place this hand painted grubby battery operated candle on it.  Well, I don't have any cupboard doors to hang it on so I have kind of balanced it on the side of my kitchen cabinets which doesn't really look all that great but I had to put it somewhere.  It probably needs some kind of pipberry thingie for the candle to sit on & I probably need to either move it to another area or get that little shutter off the wall that is next to it.  What do you think?  (Please overlook the mess that is visible here & there.)

Baby steps I guess   : )

It's stopped raining now.  Maybe this is it & the ground will dry up enough to do some more planting later.  I really don't feel like going upstairs to clean that bathroom but it won't take very long ... & then maybe I'll talk myself into going to this huge junk place that is over in the next town, not too far from here.  I've only been there once before but it's like 2 or 3 huge buildings all together filled with old beat up rusty stuff.  Be still my heart ... lol!  Just what I need to do ... go out & bring home more stuff to try to find a place for   : )   If I go & get anything, I'll post about it here   : )

Have a wonderful blessed day!  Thanks for stopping by ... I always appreciate your visits & comments   : )


jennifer768 said...

Hi Shirlee !I am waiting on the grass to dry so that I an mow momma's yard. I like the candle holder and the candle on it is just awesome! Have a good day with whatever you decide to do.Hugs,Jen

renee said...

I think that we just need to dive in somehow! We just have to make a start with decorating.
It is going to rain here too it looks like, and at least Kyle did mow on Saturday. I think you have to cut yourself some slack, don't be so hard on yourself! Your clematis will do better next year. When they are newly planted, it takes them a bit to get going. I have planted a few other ones, and trust me, they don't look like some of the ones you are seeing now! LOL!
I like the candle holder and the shutter is cute!

Angela said...

Shirlee, You know me. I say just go dive into those boxes girlie and start playing house. Have fun, live in the day and if down the road you have to leave for another home,,,, then weed thru your goodies, pack those precious treasures and be on your way. You will feel much better and more at home when you have your precious treasures around you to look at and admire. Sounds like you have some great stuff packed away... Need me to come help you???? I would love to share some tea with ya. (lol)

I love the candle holder and the candle in it is precious. I found some (not that big and long) a while back and just a thought, I put mine in the sunroom over the curtain rod. I got the idea from Karen over at My Colonial Home. She has some on her windows in her dining room (?) I think it is. But I love yours right where it is.

We are having storms here this morning too. Enjoy your day.

Trace4J said...

Hi Friend!!
I think you I mowed enough for the both of us this weekend and Im still not done. But there is always tommorow right?
Lovin that candle holder! Dig into your boxes and pretend its Christmas. Im with ANGELA!! I come help too..:)
Hugs Trace

bettyj said...

Shirlee your candle holder looks very nice where you put it. I agree with Angela, dig in those boxes, unpack what you like and play house! The more you make it you, the more comfortable you will feel and who knows what God has in store.
Have fun and keep us posted.