Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Weight Loss Update #4 - & the Bifocal Blues

Good afternoon everyone!  Thank you for your sympathy about what the county road crew did to our beautiful tree.  I am busily working on my letter to the county with accompanying pictures.  I'm guessing that John & I will need to hire a professional tree trimmer to take care of the damage they left us with   : (

It is driving me crazy to type this post & to do just about anything else today because this morning I went to pick up a new pair of glasses with a new prescription.  Up until now I've just been wearing prescription readers & getting along just fine, but when I had my eye exam last month I was surprised to see just how poor my faraway vision had become.  The eye doctor said it's time for bifocals.  The gal who ordered them for me told me that they take a day or two to get used to.  Granted, I've only had them for a couple of hours but I'm ready to throw them in a drawer & never take them out again.  Both she & the doctor told me the no-line bifocals would be the best choice.  I don't know ... everything is moving kind of oddly when I turn my head from left to right, I can't seem to find a good line of vision for reading or working here at the computer (things look kind of curved), & the center vision looks clear but the edges of things look blurry.  I will take her advice & wear them today ... supposedly my eyes will adjust to them & I won't even know I have them on.  I'll believe that when I see it ... no pun intended.

The weight loss this week is 3 pounds.  I sure do miss that original 12-1/2 pound loss I had during my first week ... lol!  In 28 days I have lost 25 pounds.  I wish I could see some sort of difference in myself.  I do feel lighter.  I'm not getting out of breath as much as I used to when exerting myself in any way.  My clothes do feel a bit looser. I guess I'll be content with that   : )  When I lose another 14-1/2 pounds I will be at my half-way point.  That is going to take a while at this rate.  Why is it the weight piles on so quickly but comes off so slowly?

We had a good storm this morning.  It was almost like nighttime outside, the sky was so black & the rain was coming down so hard.  The butterfly garden will have to wait another day or so to be planted.  My plans are to start tackling my treadmill today.  I have read the assembly directions which have made me think that getting the treadmill upstairs was a piece of cake compared to what is involved in putting it together.  There is actually a number you can call to hire someone to come put it together for you.  I may actually call & get a price & time line on that.

Actually a nap sounds good about now   : )   The dryer is ready to buzz so perhaps I'll just fold the laundry & then snuggle down with Sophie, our cat.  She always enjoys it when John or I take an afternoon siesta.  At least I'll be able to take these blasted glasses off for a while   : )


Angela said...

Good afternoon Shirlee, Hopefully I am home for a day of rest and to catch up on some housework and spend a little "me" time. Holly is at the nursing home. All IV's stopped at 6:00 p.m. Last night. This could be a long journey for Mother, hopefully a pain free and comfortable travel for her to her new home in heaven. Thanks for all your prayers.

When I first got my bifocals I felt just like you. You will get use to them, mine even made me sick to my stomach. And to walk in them,,, no way. Just kinda have to stick it out. It was over a year before I could eat with them on. And even now when I am sweeping the floor or mopping, I take them off. Other than that I can't tell they are on. In fact with all I have going on right now, I went to bed the other night and realized I had not taken them off. If after a few days you still have some of those feelings they may need more adjusting. I have had that happen to. Sometime when they measure where to place them and then where you actually wear the glasses on your face makes a diffeerence. Good luck with them.
Sorry to hear about your tree. They sure didn't try and trim it correctly did they? Here in town we have codes against doing things like that to the trees. They protect all the trees they can. Someone should be responsible for the way they did yours. Hope you have a great day. I am going to try to get back to blogging when I can. Gives me a little peace of mind.

dee begg said...


You will adjust to your bifocals. I got mine a few years back, the no line ones, and it took me a few days to adjust but I did. You just need to keep wearing them. My eyes use to get so tired before I got them as they were straining to focus on things, so try to stay with them...things do get better.

Congrats on the weight loss. I've lost 28#'s in a little over 5 months. I've been stalled for the past 2 weeks with nothing lost, so I've been doing some reading and have calculated my BMR and the calories that I need to eat daily so I don't put my body in starvation mode. Today is the first day for me to eat this way, so I will see if it helps jump start my weight loss again. I am at "normal" weight now, but would like to lose another 10 or so #'s so I will be closer to the lower end of the weight scale for my height. When I was heavier my BMR was higher as it takes more calories to move a larger mass, so it does seem counter-intuitive to eat more calories to lose weight at my size now, but we will give it a try and see. I also walk over 3 miles a day. I've added walking backwards into my walk too...probably for around 1/4 of a mile of my walk. It works a different set of muscles than just walking forward does. I also talked to a neighbor who is a trainer and she is going to recommend some exercise for my problem inner thighs, so hopefully that will help.

Anyway, keep up with healthier eating, exercise, and having a good positive thought'll get there. And although the weight seems like it went on quickly, it really doesn' just sort of sneaks up on you and then your fat and then it takes "forever" to lose it! But nothing worth "losing" should come quickly or else we would all take weight loss for granted.

I take it that you are losing weight for health reasons, which is the reason I had to do so. I was 36#'s overweight, which the insurance company classified me as obese. I also wound up with a trip to the ER due to my blood sugar being all over the place, but since losing the weight and limiting my carbs, I haven't had any blood sugar issues. I've blogged about my journey so far and hope to do another post today as I am able to fit back into size 10's! Yeah! Anyway, thought I would give you a word or two or three of encouragement....keep up the good will get there!


jennifer768 said...

Congrats on the weight loss ! I am sure that given time you will get used to the new bifocals. Hugs,Jen

A Primitive Homestead said...

Losing weight is not easy. Good for you - you have lost weight. Eight weeks have passed for me & little weight lost. I do feel better & can wear jeans once to small. Hope you can get that treadmill together. It is storming here so I decided God is telling me to get caught up inside the homestead but a nap would be nice. Hope things work out with the glasses. So hard when not able to see right. Blessings!