Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Weight Loss Update #3

Good morning!  The tea is brewing & will be ready soon so please come sit at my table & we'll chat a while before I have to head off on some errands.

Yesterday I finished two-thirds of the mowing but I'm unsure as to whether or not I will be finishing the final third this afternoon.  Once again we will have temps in the low 90s.  It says on that we are having August temps now.  Hopefully this means that by the time August gets here we will have an early fall.  I just don't do well in hot weather.  I can't say that the plants are doing very well either.  We are still waiting for the landscapers to show up.  It's going on 3 weeks now since they told me they'd be here.  I did get a call from the head man, Chris, on Saturday evening.  He apologized for not getting here yet ... said they've been really swamped ... & promised me that he'd call on Monday afternoon to get directions & come over here to take a look at what we want him to do.  We stayed close to the phone all day Monday waiting for his call which never came.  Yesterday morning I called & asked him why he hadn't called.  He said that he got held up on a job & ended up being there until dark so there was no way he could come by here.  He told me again about how very busy he has been & that there are several people who want work done before this weekend.  My first thought was "you couldn't call to let me know you wouldn't be coming?"  My second thought was "I'm sure I was ahead of all these people ... why do you keep putting me off?"  He said he'd "try" to call me later that afternoon to set up a time to come over here.  Once again he didn't call.  Meanwhile I have had to re-pot 9 plants into larger pots to keep them from dying while waiting for him & there are several others out there with which I need to do the same.  When we get back from running our errands today, I am going to sit with the phone book & call a bunch of other landscapers in the area & see if I can get someone over here sooner rather than later.

I bought an iPod a couple of weeks ago.  I'm not very tech-savvy so it's been somewhat of a comedy of errors for me to figure this thing out.  I purchased it because my treadmill has an iPod dock & I thought it would be nice to listen to songs or teachings while walking.  It took a while but I finally figured out how to download my CDs into the iPod.  I decided to try it out while mowing yesterday & chose to listen to a Keith Green album.  If you are not familiar with Keith Green, he was a Christian music artist & prophet who went to be with the Lord at a very young age.  However, he left a huge legacy behind him.  If you are ever feeling down, you won't feel that way for long after listening to a few of his songs.  Some are overflowing with deep worship & praise.  Others tell about how the world oftentimes reacts to Christians (when witnessing for example).  His songs can be extremely powerful.  Some, like "So You Wanna Go Back to Egypt" or "You Can Keep All That Junk to Yourself," are very profound but written with a bit of humor to get the point across.  Anyway, it really filled my spirit to be riding around on the mower, looking at the grass & the trees & the sky & the flowers & giving thanks & praise while listening to these wonderful songs.  Keith never liked to be praised for his musical talent but it was truly amazing.  He was an extremely gifted & versatile artist.

Today is Wednesday & that means it is "weigh day."  This past week I lost 3-1/2 pounds.  I know that's a good thing but it was a bit of a downer because I thought I had weighed more when I weighed myself last week & so thought I had lost 5-1/2 pounds.  However, losing is losing so I'll be happy with the 3-1/2   : )

I see that the time is passing a bit quickly this morning.  John & I will be leaving for Lexington in less than an hour.  I have an appointment with a new doctor & I hope it will be a good visit & end up with me being able to transfer my care to her.  It will save me a 6-hour round trip 8 times a year to my current doctor who is in Knoxville, Tennessee.  We will then be stopping at a Half-Price Books store ... hooray!  Love those places   : )   Will probably pop over to Barnes & Noble as well & then hit a nursery or two on the way home.  Just what we need ... more plants ... lol!  Thanks so much for stopping by to visit!  It's always a joy to have your company   : )    


Trace4J said...

Morning Friend!
Yippppee for you another weight loss is fantastic.
I have been mowing all week too. Never seems to get done. I need to get myself a Ipod. I have heard of Keith Green he is good.
Have a great day
Hugs Trace

Angela said...

Hello Shirlee, Didn't get around to commenting yesterday , but wow, you and hubby must have gotten some workout trying to get the treadmill upstairs. Glad you finally made it to its destination. We have an upstairs and have gotten into some tight situations moving furniture up there. Makes you wish everything was on one level especially the older we get.
Congrat. on your weight loss this week. Hey, as long as the scale is going down,,,, that's great. Good luck with the new doctor today. Hope things work out for you. Enjoy your shopping afterward. Until next time...

dee begg said...


i wouldn't wait on a landscaper to do the work. I would have planted the darn plants myself. Congrats on the weight loss. I emailed you a few minutes ago.


renee said...

I just can't believe these people don't want the work! I hope that you can get the stuff planted. I am happy for you about the weight loss, this is good! Hang in there!