Thursday, June 30, 2011

Lots of Photos of Monday's Goodies

As promised, here are photos of the goodies I brought home on Monday.  Please forgive my photography ... sometimes it works but sometimes it doesn't   : (

The first store I visited was the big junk shop over in the next town.  I didn't find anything I hoped to find there but I did find some things of interest.  These first 3 photos show an old oak chair I bought to use with my treadle sewing machine.  I had been using a dining table chair so the table looked rather odd without it   : )   Please take a look at the second & third photos & tell me if you've ever seen a chair with this type of metalwork.  There were 2 of these chairs at the store & both had this same metalwork.  It wasn't added afterward to shore up the chair because as you see in the third photo the outer corners of the legs have one of these metal pieces coming through it from the bottom of the chair, corner to corner, & then it's sort of bent down to follow the lines of the corner.  The big screw in the center of the metalwork looks as if it was used to tighten & pull this corner metalwork in toward the center.  ???    

These are the other goodies I bought at the junk store ... a grey graniteware pan, an old sifter which I am planning to use in a crafting project, & an old child's snow shovel.  The cobalt glass canisters are a birthday gift for my favorite aunt   : )

Next I went to the local peddlers mall.  I found quite a few things there.  I don't know why but I thought this little crate with bird houses in it would look cute hanging on the porch someplace.    

I really liked this little prim fence & thought it would look nice maybe somewhere in the foundation garden or even in my butterfly garden.

I've been looking for a nice big enamel wash basin to hang in my bathroom.  This one would've been perfect except the bottom side is really in bad shape.  I decided to get it anyway to use outside as a planter.  There's another old sifter for an intended craft project, a nice little crock, a cookie cutter, 2 small gray graniteware bowls for craft projects, & hooray!  A watering can!  Someone (sorry, I can't remember who) just posted a bunch of photos the other day of all her watering cans & I jokingly commented that I have been looking for them & haven't found any & now I know why ... she's bought them all!  Well, she didn't get this one ... lol!

I really thought this picture was nice.  It reads "Happy moments ... priase God.  Difficult moments ... seek God.  Quiet moments ... worship God.  Painful moments ... trust God.  Every moment ... thank God."  I thought it was such a nice picture & such a beautiful sentiment.  The print is by Donna Atkins.  Just what I needed ... another picture.  You'll see why in a bit   : )

This little stitchery picture will be a Christmas gift for Ruthie ... my best friend from high school.  She & I have kept in touch all these years.  

And this following photo is a bit of a break to explain why I stated above that the Donna Atkins print was just what I needed ... another picture.  This is a corner in my bedroom.  I have at least 2 dozen pictures there (& a calender holder) ... some of which have been there since we moved in & others that have been added to it.  It's not like we don't have the wall space.  We do.  It's just that we haven't settled in.  Some of them are seasonal though.  I'll cut myself some slack on those   : )    

My last stop was one of our local primitive shops, Muddy Creek.  Actually I'd say it is the local primitive shop.  The others are actually more country than prim.  I'm sorry about the blurriness of this first photo but as you can see I bought yes, another picture ... lol!     

These items were really neat.  The stitchery on the left reads "Remember me" on the top but it got cut off in the photo.  Next is an old child's metal cake pan with a blackened beeswax "cake" inside.  I fell in love with the old scoop made out to be like a little shelf with the prim black cat & mini gourd on it.  The pipberry ring I bought to put around the candle I showed you all the other day.  Unfortunately it hides about half the candle ... lol!  If I use it for that purpose I'll have to put something under the candle to raise it a bit   : )

I'm really a sucker for trees.  I walked in the door & saw this primitive patriotic tree & asked "is this for sale?"   Becky, the owner, said "you want the whole tree?" & I said "yes" so she gave me a good price   : )   Unfortunately on the way home it got a bit roughed up so I took it all apart & re-did it.  I'll leave it up for the rest of the summer.  Now I'm thinking I'll have to make or find me a fall tree   : )

I was really excited to see this old push mower!!!  The Americana banner was hanging on it & I figured I'd take that too ... something to decorate the mower for the season   : )

And that's it!  I hope you enjoyed the pictures & don't think I was "bragging."  Someone posted a while back that they had someone email them or comment on one of their posts saying something like how this person posts photos of their home & their things expecting people to give their approval or something like that.  I never look at someone sharing photos like that!  We are all excited when someone goes on a shopping trip & gets some goodies, right?  It's fun to see the goodies others have found.  I hope you agree   : )


renee said...

Well Shirlee! LOL! You DID good girl! I love them all! I think that those will look sweet on your porch!
A fall tree is a good idea too! It doesn't have to be green~ it could be brown too. If you get you a green tree, you can always paint it brown! Love the push mower, I have to find another one, I sadly gave mine to my dad, I wish I had kept it, but that is alright I guess.
Looks like you have plenty to keep busy with!
Have a good one!

jennifer768 said...

Shirlee you found some really great things .Love the chair and the tree ! Don't you love a good junkin' day ? Have a blessed day ,Jen

bettyj said...

Like all of your goodies, but the shovel and fence really took my eye!lol You have a lot of neat stuff. I think bloggers post pictures to share and give and get ideas. I have learned so much since I started blogging. TFS

Trace4J said...

WOW Friend you sure found some awesome treasures. I love them all. What a cool americana tree..I can see it covered with pumpkins too. :)
Thanks for sharing
Hugs Trace

Angela said...

Evening Shirlee, Wow, sure am wishing for a shopping day like you had. I am so ready to find some great treasures. I have an old mower, but would love a banner like that for it. And the tree is too cute. I have a small one I spray painted brown and left a little green showing. It's small but I change it out according to the holiday and season. Yours is a great find. Love the old scoop also. Heck, I love it all. Now, have fun playing house and placing everything where you will be happy with it.