Friday, June 24, 2011

The Joke's On Me

I woke up this morning to a very cloudy sky.  It certainly looked as though the rain was going to start pouring down at any moment.  I was thinking to myself "Oh boy ... another lazy day!"  (I know ... shame on me ... lol!)  However, after getting up, making myself a cup of Hot Cinnamon Sunset tea, & sitting down at the computer to check, I got the "bad news" that it's just going to be cloudy today ... no chance of rain in sight ... so it looks like I'll be taking care of the mowing instead of lazing around daydreaming about all the things I'd like to do but doing nothing   : )   I really don't mind mowing.  It's nice to be out on the mower all by myself ... just looking at the sky & the clouds & all the things growing here & there, watching the birds swoop down to the newly mown areas to see what goodies have been unearthed for them to eat ... marveling at the work of God's hands.  It's a good time to think & to pray.  I just wanted to be lazy today ... lol!

Yesterday I had a follow-up with one of the doctors in Lexington where I'm thinking of transferring my care.  As I've mentioned before, I need to find 2 doctors because none of the doctors there seem to take care of everything that my doctor in Knoxville took care of for me.  This doctor I saw yesterday was beyond nice ... one of those doctors who actually sit & listen to what you tell them & don't make you feel like "hurry up ... I've got other patients waiting for me."  I could see he had great compassion for his patients & he was extremely knowledgeable in his field.  The icing on the cake was that he is a Christian & actually prayed for me before my examination!  However, there was a little bit of a problem when I told him it took my doctor in Knoxville 2 years to finally get me to the point where I was feeling better on this particular therapy & he indicated that this therapy was a bit too much & he felt like it needed to be lessened quite a bit.  He is also very expensive & his care plan consists of paying for a year's worth of care up front or breaking it up over a period of 12 months.  Those 2 things just aren't sitting too well with me.  I've written an email to the patient advocate asking her for some additional information but I also will be meeting with a third doctor in the near future (my final option) to see if that will work out any better for me. 

I was emailing with my blog friend Jen yesterday & she mentioned gourds & it jogged my memory ... I had always wanted to grow miniature gourds to dry & paint as Christmas ornaments!  No surprise ... I immediately started Googling miniature gourd seeds & ordered some to plant along the back fence.  By the time we get done planting things along that fence you won't see the fence anymore ... lol!  Anyway, I bought miniature birdhouse gourd seeds which will be great to dry for ornaments & then I also bought something called miniature Chinese edible gourds which actually look like small orange pumpkins.  How great will they be dried & used for fall decorating!!!  I'm thinking I'm probably getting a late start planting them but it stays warm here into October so there shouldn't be much of a problem.  

Well, I need to stop stalling & get on my mowing clothes.  I hope you will all have a wonderful day!  And to those of you who get to have a lazy day, hooray for you ... lol!   


Trace4J said...

Hi Shirlee..
I should be mowing today..But wanted to spend day sewing. Since hubbie went on fishing trip. :)
But after cleaning grocery shopping..I got 1 hour.maybe get some more in tonight. I too was hoping for a storm. The gourds sound great. Hope you get many.
Hugs Trace

jennifer768 said...

Hi Shirlee , thought we would be getting rain too,but no it was just cloudy. The gourds should do okay if you hurry and get them in the soil.I would soak the seeds a bit before planting them.Hope you had a nice day ,Jen