Thursday, August 9, 2012


I thought that this morning I would update you on the BIG CONTEST!!! thus far.  At this point there is a total of 76 entries ... 40 shop names for the selling of prims, 35 shop names for the selling of crafting supplies, & 1 sneaky little entry for a shop combining both : )  I have been jotting down the names in a notebook as I receive them with the name of the person submitting the entries on one side of the page & the entries on the other side.  I decided never to look at them again until it came time to choose from among them. However, this morning I decided to do a Word document with the names of the prim shops in one column & the names of the supply shops in the other column, then alphabetize them, without looking at the names of the people who submitted them. This way it will be a surprise to me as well regarding who will win a prize   : )

All the entries have been very creative but there is always room for more so feel free to continue to submit additional names until the deadline which is tomorrow (Friday), August 10, at 11:59 p.m. Eastern Standard Time.  Please refer to all the details in the BIG CONTEST!!! post.  

Here are a few shop name suggestions that I have rejected:

The Obese Orangutan
The Obnoxious Ogre
Flabby Mama's Stuff
Chicken Neck's Mercantile
The Hag's Den
Thunder Thighs' Treasures
Beauties from the Beast

Okay, yes ... these were my own suggestions.  I like to win a prize as much as anyone but I wouldn't have chosen any of these names so there was really no point in my entering them.  Besides, entering & winning my own contest just wouldn't be right.  So ... good luck to everyone who has entered so far, anyone who might still enter, & remember, the more the merrier.  If you think of any more name suggestions just let me know & I'll add them to the lists   : )


cucki said...

i am so happy for your shop..
enjoy it..
love cucki xx

butterfly said...

All the best Shirlee for your shop.

marly said...

Shirlee's Supply Depot
Shirlee's Stash Depot
Downsizing Diva!

BramaKaye said...

I looked up the origin of your name Shirley. It means "Bright Meadow." So how about Bright Meadow Prims and Bright Meadow Market?

TheCrankyCrow said...

You crack me up. Really - with your creative mind, I seriously doubt you need us. But, gee whiz - you're not even giving us the slightest indication of whether any of the submitted names have struck your fancy or not.....Ok, it or not, I guess I'll wait and see. :o Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin (Luckily I got distracted, so you weren't bombarded with additional "musings.")

Carol said...

The Hag's Den--just cracking up here, Shirlee!! That actually would be a great name for a Halloween shop when you think about it :)

Maureen said...

This has been a fun little brain teaser Shirlee ;)