Thursday, August 2, 2012

Old Friends, Old Threads, Funny Birds

Having just posted about finding some old friends I remembered that I wanted to check a box in our den (currently known as the downstairs junk room) that I knew had some old bobbin lace books inside that I am selling on Amazon.  I thought maybe ... just maybe ... I had kept an old tatting book or two.  When I opened the box I was disappointed to find no tatting books but I did find a few small containers wrapped in moving paper.  I opened one of them & found some spangle making supplies (beads & wire & such). Inside another package was a handpainted wooden box in which I had stored some divider pins which were decorated on the tops with various glass animals.

I was pretty sure the other day that I had kept some old tatting threads & as you may recall I went upstairs & half-emptied two closets in order to go through boxes to find them.  I did that twice.  No threads.  I was really puzzled by this as I could have sworn that I had kept a few tatting threads in particular.  They were size 80s which could be used for lacemaking as well as for tatting.  Well, I opened another small package in the book box & there they were ... the tatting threads   : )

Hooray   : )

Another hooray ... Betty called me & we had a wonderful time catching up!  It was like we had never been apart   : )   It's funny how the twists & turns in our lives have run along similar paths.  We are planning to get together this fall for a visit   : )

When I downloaded the above photo of my tatting thread I had completely forgotten that I had taken 2 photos of a cardinal in our little birdbath the other day.  We are swamped with cardinals throughout the winter (they enjoy coming to our feeders) but once it starts to warm up they go off somewhere else.  Therefore I was quite surprised to see this waterlogged guy   : )



cucki said...

Yayy I am so happy that you hear from betty and had lovely time talking with her..
You found the threads niceeee
Lovely bird..cuteeee
Have a lovely day
Will meet you soon
Hugs xxx

Annie said...

Hello Shirlee

How nice to hear from an old friend.

Lovely threads.
That little bird is very cute!

Vickie said...

Oh Shirlee! Hooray! You got a couple of nice things today now didn't you? :) Cute cardinal bath.

Maggee said...

Look at that little guy! He does not look especially happy, does he? My mom used to tat. I remember after she passed, my younger sister took a wooden box with a tiny hole in the top, with string coming out of it. I wonder if she ever learned how to use it? I have seen a few examples of it, and I admit--I am intrigued. Look forward to seeing what you make! Hugs!

marly said...

I'm so glad I'm not the only one with junk rooms. Isn't it funny how you're finding things including old friends? Good for you.

bettyj said...

so happy you found your old friends and our thread! Now the talking and tatting can begin. Have a wonderful day.

TheCrankyCrow said...

That is how it is with true friends, no? It doesn't matter the time, nor the distance, you can just pick up where you left off even though that may have been years ago and miles away.....Yea for the thread discovery!!! (You didn't, by chance, find my other ankle bracelet in there, did you??) Great shots of the cardinal.....They're such funny birds.... Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin

Sandi @ The Primitive Skate said...

Love the photos of the Cardinal! So Sweet to have captured these photos. I Love cardinals! Have a wonderful week!