Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Dzień dobry!

I wish you a Polish good morning (or good day)!  I decided to start my day with a cup of yummy Polish bilberry tea.

I had never heard of bilberries before so looked them up.  They are apparently related to the blueberries we have here in the US.  The important thing is that the tea is delicious & it is unusual for me to say that because I am not a big fan of fruit flavored tea   : )  

Incidentally, I don't speak, read, or understand the Polish language except for a word or two.  My mother & many of her family members did speak/read/understand it, some being quite fluent & others to lesser degrees.  My mother & most of her siblings attended a Polish school in Lawrenceville, PA. My maternal great-grandparents immigrated to this country from Poland.  It's an interesting bit of a story.  My great-grandfather was a dragoon (guard) for a Russian tsar. I only found this out very recently.  His daughter was my great-aunt Annie.  I never knew her but I have seen photos of her.  It was my mother's sister, Vera, who told me about the tsar connection & how my great-aunt Annie fits in with it. Great-grandfather was a dragoon for Nicholas II, the last Russian tsar.  He held Nicholas II in high regard & the tsar's daughter, Anastasia, was very dear to my great-grandfather's heart. When my great-grandmother gave birth to their first daughter, he insisted her name be Anastasia. I had no idea.  I always thought my great-aunt Annie was just plain old Annie ... lol!

I found this photo of Grand Dutchess Anastasia online.  It appears to have been taken when she was somewhere around the age of 8 & she is knitting!  How cool is that ... lol!
Thus ends the climb into the Easily Influenced Stitcher's family tree for today   : )

Don't forget the BIG CONTEST!!!  


Maggie said...

How great that you discovered that connection!
Nothing nearly so interesting in my family tree, lol

cucki said... is truly so sweet that you discovered that connection..
love the picture so much..cuteee
hugs cucki xx

Девушка с пяльцами said...

How exciting! Thanks for sharing this info with us! I love the photo of Anastasia, btw. Tatyana

Vickie said...

My paternal great-grandparents immigrated to this country from Poland. They met here and married. Maryi i Józefa. Mary and Joseph. :) Do widzenia

Mouse said...

isn't it amazing what one finds out when one digs around ones family tree....
does one have to curtsey now ???
only having a no bend day today hehehe
love mouse xxxxx

Chris said...

Lovely post!

TheCrankyCrow said...

....???!!! Really??? Isn't that the same tsar who, with his family, was massacred by Bolshevik secret police?? And, Anastasia was long speculated to have survived as her body was not found with her family??? Wow.....fascinating if so..... You are one interesting lady my friend.....Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin

Catherine said...

That is a very cool thing to have discovered about your family tree!! Great photo you found as well!