Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Wednesday Morning

The start of a new day   : )   Thus far my week has not gone as planned.  I had good intentions.  Lord knows I always have good intentions.  However, it is at times such as these, when my plans are not realized, that I am reminded of Robert Burns' poem, To A Mouse.  Was he talking about our Mouse? No. He wrote the poem in 1786 as an apology to a mouse when he was plowing a field & upturned her nest.  Me thinks Mr. Burns was quite clever   : )

But Mousie, you are not alone
In proving foresight may be vain:
The best laid plans of mice & men
Often go awry
And leave us naught but grief & pain,
For promised joy.

I've quoted an Americanized stanza since Mr. Burns was Scottish & naturally wrote the poem in 1700s Scottish prose.  He was a farmer who had an immense tolerance of all creatures.  He is probably best known by most people as the writer of Auld Lang Syne. I was familiar with the mouse poem & of course with Auld Lang Syne but never knew much about Mr. Burns.  He sounds like quite an interesting person.  I am looking forward to learning more about him one of these days   : )

Okay ... enough for the history lesson this morning   : )   I do have plans for today which involve nothing more than going to the hospital for my monthly/weekly/biweekly blood testing & then John & I are going to Cracker Barrel to enjoy a pancake breakfast.  We have both been obsessed with pancakes recently.  I think John is sometimes a bit embarrassed when the waiter takes my order & I add "extra butter & extra syrup."  My pancakes usually look like they are swimming on my plate.  I really ought to have them bring them to me in a bowl.  Anyway, I have no plans for today other than these 2 things although I certainly have more than enough jobs that need to be done inside the house, in the garage, in the yard, etc.  Maybe I'll add one of those to the mix   : )      

On Monday night I finished my fourth Joy Pinkeep (see Monday's IHSW post) & yesterday decided to mix things up a little.  I have been concentrating on Country Rustic Primitives designs, my goal being to make 4 of each Christmas design ... one to keep & the other 3 to sell in my handmades shop &/or give as gifts.  However, last night I decided to start a Stacy Nash design instead ... Winter Woolens Pinkeep.  I really love this design & it's stitching up quite nicely!  I may add it to my "Make 4" list   : )
We are leaving soon for the hospital/Cracker Barrel but I wanted to end this post with an example of how eagle eyed one of my followers is   : )   On Sunday I posted a photo of my dear little Sophie on a moving box which she has claimed as her own.  Click here if you want to read the story behind this.  Then on Monday I posted another photo of Sophie on "her box" (photo below) showing her looking very comfortable & content.  This morning I found a comment in my email box from Jo at Serendipitous Stitching.  Jo noticed the advertisement on the side of the box ... "This Box is Designed for Multiple Uses" ... & asked if "cat bed" was one of them   : )   I love it   : )


Vickie said...

Hope the bloodwork goes smoothly. Enjoy your pancakes! Glad to see you got in some stitchy time.

Kendra said...

Good eye Jo, that is a hilarious observation!

I am grocery shopping today, WooHoo!...and now I am also going to go to IHOP for lunch, thanks for the idea, MmmMmm! Double Blueberry pancakes, bacon, hash browns, and scrambled eggs, I can't wait!

Other than that, just trying to keep my head above water, you know what I mean. Maybe a trip to the prim store will help.


Anonymous said...


Thanks for the interesting post today!

Your new start looks lovely.
I hope you enjoy your pancakes!

Holly x

butterfly said...

Enjoy your Pancakes , oh how I would love to come over and have breakfast with you. love Pancakes.
Great stitching you are going to sell loads. hugs.

cucki said...

Enjoy your pancake deary..
Sweet stitching
Hugs xxx

Edgar said...

I love pancakes - enjoy yours!!!!!

Chocolates4Breakfast (TerriBoog) said...

Extra butter and syrup are right up my alley! Hope bloodwork goes well for your dh.

Love the new pattern you're going to start. It's on my list.

Anne said...

Lol! I love that the box had that on its side! I know Sophie considers it her bed now! Enjoy the pancakes...yum! I love your prim finish too!

TheCrankyCrow said...

Ok....too weird. I finally work my way to your most recent posting, and first I see a Stacy Nash design and then your comment about Jo's comment. Maybe I should go out for pancakes and start this day over. :o Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin

Siobhán said...

Ooooh, pancakes. YUM! I miss going out for American breakfast. I hope the blood work goes well!

There's a line in a VanZant song that says, "If you want to hear God laugh, tell Him your plans". Soooo true!

Viola di Nebbia said...

Lovely! Fantastic pattern and realization *.*

♥ Nia said...

Now I want pancakes! :p LOL
Hahahaha funny thing about that box :D

~Sara said...

I love the Winter Woolens! Hope all is well with your eye and the drs.You are making me want pancakes. YUM-0. Blessings~Sara