Saturday, August 4, 2012

Things Are Not Always What They Appear To Be

Good afternoon everyone!  I hope you are all experiencing a wonderful weekend!  I thought I was blessed with a truly fabulous Saturday when I woke up this morning.  It was dark, gray, & cloudy with a bit of a breeze & honestly, it looked just like a fall morning!  Maybe even a winter one!  I was so excited that when I made my morning cup of tea I decided to use a Christmas blend rather than the Lemon Zinger I've been having the past few weeks.  This lovely fall/winter comfort wrapped around me like an angel soft blankie until I needed to step into the garage for a moment.  It was like walking into a sauna!  That put an abrupt end to my feeling of bliss but it was nice while it lasted   : )

I finished stitching my 4 Merry Christmas Cupboard Tucks (a Country Rustic Primitives pattern) & here is a reminder of what they will look like when I make them into the actual tucks.

I still have 2 of Jenny's Sleigh Bells designs to stitch but Sleigh Bells is a rather "big" project (in a way) so I will start #3 when the mood strikes me.  Meanwhile I have started my next set of 4.
I don't think Jenny will mind me using her pattern photos.  This one is called 1839 Winter Pinkeep.  Winter ... can't get much better than that   : )

I still have all the yard sale stuff I mentioned a while back.  I was thinking that pretty soon I should start going through the boxes I took upstairs, pricing everything, & then pay a visit to my aunt in Pittsburgh sometime next month.  She loves doing yard sales like I love flying saucers ...
... & she has always been my favorite aunt & I haven't seen her for a while so I thought this might be fun.  However, yesterday on my way back from the dentist's office I turned on the radio looking for a Christian talk show & I just happened to find one when I stopped at a red light.  They were playing a commercial for a church in a nearby town. This church is asking for donations for an upcoming auction they are holding to raise money for some reason.  I'm not sure what the reason is because at that point I started rummaging through my purse grabbing my notepad & looking for a pen.  The light changed, I found the pen, & thankfully I was able to write down their phone number without causing an accident.  The funny thing about this is that as soon as the commercial was over the radio reception for this station went all wacky & all I got was static with a word or two coming through every once in a while.  Very strange, don't you think?  It makes me wonder ... was God trying to tell me something?  Heaven knows it would be a LOT easier to just give all these yard sale things to a decent organization that can use them for a worthwhile cause rather me having to deal with all the pricing & the driving to Pittsburgh & the selling & the driving back.  Something I need to ponder.

I can't melt tarts anymore because they suddenly make John sick   : (   I love my husband but he can be such a drama queen at times.  I won't go into details but trust me ... it's better to give up my enjoyment of tarts rather than have to watch the theatrics that ensue if I dare to pop one into a tart burner.  I have gathered my tarts together to share with others at some point & I have been looking for some nice candles to try. Surprisingly the drama queen has no problem with candles ... yet (he never had a problem with tarts either until recently) ... so I am enjoying them while I can.  When I went to the dentist I noticed a lovely scent at the reception area & saw a candle burning.  I asked the dentist what it was & she said it was a Malaleuca candle.  I had never heard of Malaleuca but the dentist is very enthusiastic about their products.  The way I understand it they are sort of like Amway. They have cleaning products & other things that they sell to independent distributors. The dentist said that she is not a distributor but she became a member of their site quite some time ago & she sends them an order every month.  (Unfortunately she had just sent in her order for this month the day before my visit.)  I went to their site but I can't for the life of me find any information about becoming a member unless I call them & I don't want to do that.  I'll maybe ask the dentist at my next visit if she will order me one of those candles.  The scent is very pleasant ... not overwhelming in the least ... so I think even the drama queen will give it his seal of approval   : ) 

Saturday means it's movie night.  That means popcorn & chocolate & whatever else I fancy   : )   Wednesdays are also movie nights but they are for old movies. Saturdays are for newer ones.  I'm not much for sitting on my butt watching TV but it makes John happy.  These movie nights are, in fact, his Christmas gifts from me.  He gets to choose what we watch although I do have a few stipulations.  No naked people, no horror movies, & no Tom Cruise.  He doesn't think I can pay attention to a movie & do some sort of crafting at the same time so I eat instead.  If I'm in diet mode I'll sip a cup of tea or a bottle of water.  I really do need to get back on my diet one of these days but I'm not quite ready yet.  It won't work unless I'm ready.  Therefore tonight the sky's the limit   : )   I hope you all have an enjoyable night as well   : )    


Vickie said...

Hey Shirlee! Ever have a hot fudge brownie treat? Now there's something to enjoy! Have a super night. ;)

Michelle said...

And here we are in the UK just praying for the warmer weather! Love your stitched pieces Shirlee they are going to look stunning xx

TheCrankyCrow said...

Happy Saturday Girlfriend!! When the heck are you going to get that Etsy shop up and running?? I want one each of those sticheries - and a Sleigh Bells.....(Maybe you you should start thinking about sets of 5, rather than 4??? ;o)

That church rummage sale sounds a bit Twilight Zonish to me....I say, LISTEN!

Poor you....or, perhaps, I should say "Lucky John" - yikes, my hubby would be kicked out before I get rid of my tarts....Thankfully, he actually likes them and asks me to "fire one up" if I don't have one going. Do you know what flavor of candle it was? I do Melaleuca....I'm not a "distributor" and don't recruit people to sign up, but am a member as that is where I get my vitamins from. I'd be happy to order you a candle and send it off to you. (I doubt you'd want to become a member, as you have to pay an annual fee - something like $25 or $30??? - and then you have to order so much product each and every month. If you don't, they charge you for it anyways and send you a not-so-convenient "convenience" certificate to use at a later time....but woe to you if you miss the expiration date on those puppies. The minimum monthly order is 35 product "points" - which is well over $50 (I stick to the minimum and my order is always at least $60-$70....Don't get me wrong, I do like many of their products, but it's hard for me to meet the commitment each and every month. I keep threatening to quit it, but their are a few of their products that I especially like and can't get elsewhere....) Anywho - long story - just tell me what kind of candle (they have lots) and I'll get it off to you.

As for movie night - I'll say it again....Lucky John. There is no way I could sit and watch a movie without stitching, punching, hooking, or something. I used to read while I watched a movie and when my husband objected, he quizzed me on what had happened, who was who, etc. - After I answered, and told him more than HE had gotten out of watching it with undivided attention, he has never mentioned my "affliction" again.

Hope for your sake it's a great movie! Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin

TheCrankyCrow said...

Sorry for writing a book...and oops on the grammar mistake....should be "they're" not "their" - and who knows what else I missed.... r

cucki said...

I love your stitched piece so much.
Enjoy your weekend xxx

marly said...

I just love those Country Rustic designs. So simple - but so appealing! Happy movie night!

Sandi @ The Primitive Skate said...

Love your stitcheries! You do an amazing job at these! I would like to try my hand at this sometime.
Movie night sounds wonderful! I Love me a Good movie.