Saturday, August 18, 2012

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Last month ... July 21 to be exact ... I posted about some strange fluff that gathers underneath my furniture, adhering to the furniture legs like it's adhering to fly paper.  I have never seen fluff like this in any place I've ever lived but I've been plagued with it since we moved here a little over 3 year ago. I have wood floors & do keep up with the dusting but within a few days of having dust-free floors I suddenly see this fluff everywhere.  My only guess was that it was coming from the furnace unit.  However, when the repair guys were here last month to fix the air conditioner I scooped up a handful of this fluff from the floor & asked the head guy what it was.  He said he had no idea.  I asked if it was perhaps coming from the air vents but he said that was unlikely since air filters would prevent that from happening.  Several followers suggested that it was dryer lint but I knew that was not the case.  I suppose it sort of resembles a conglomeration of dryer lint in the photo I shared but it is not anywhere near the consistency of dryer lint.  It is instead light & airy & very, very strange.
Marly ... wise, wonderful Marly ... suggested that I place cheese cloth or a thin screen inside all the air vents indicating that if the fluff was indeed coming from the furnace in any way it would accumulate on the screen/cloth & my home would be fluff free. A stroke of genius!  I did as she suggested.  I also made sure before beginning this experiment that all floors were fluff free.  A few days later ... when there would normally be fluff under the furniture ... there was none. It has now been almost a month.  I have not dusted the floors even once in this time period & guess what.  No sign of fluff anywhere!

Now it's time to figure out where this fluff is coming from (obviously the furnace unit or perhaps the air vents themselves), why it's coming from there, & what it is!  


marly said...

I'm glad I could offer a suggestion and now you're on your way to locating the source. It would be interesting to see how much has accumulated on that barrier and which vent is the culprit. I love a good mystery.

Peggy Lee said...

My house used to get so terribly dusty before Masterchief put good insulation in. This house was built with that nasty spray in fluff. I wonder if that might be where it's coming from?

Maggee said...

Whoa--that is a LOT of fluff! Hope you track it down!! Hugs!

Barbara Shores ~ Village Folk Art said...
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Barbara Shores ~ Village Folk Art said...

Is there any fluff showing up on any of the screen/cloth you used to cover the vents??? If so this might be the start of finding the source of the culprit. If not, the mystery continues.

TheCrankyCrow said...

Glad you're on your way to identifying the source....(that Marly is something, ain't she?) - but make sure you get the fluff out the vents or where ever it's building up so it doesn't cause a fire hazard!! :o Robin