Thursday, August 16, 2012

Cookies To Die For : )

Last week my sweet & thoughtful stitching friend Edgar did a post about cookies.  Just seeing the word "cookies" in the title sparked my interest.  I do love a good cookie   : )   Edgar posted about 2 cookies in particular. You need to know up front that before he started describing these cookies he said "I am not really a fan of cookies."  For someone who is not a fan of cookies to post about cookies, you just know it's going to be an interesting read   : )   One of the cookies, a dark chocolate yummy from Keebler, did indeed look good & I was sure I could find here.  The other cookie I have never seen for sale or even advertised here or any other place where I've ever lived or visited ... & we all know I've been around   : )   This second cookie really intrigued me ... a cookie by Mother's Cookies called Taffy.  Edgar indicated that these have always been his all time favorite store bought cookie.  As I read the description I became more & more excited, especially when I read  "What's so great about Taffys is that they are coconut flavored cookies with a slightly sweet vanilla cream filling!!"  Vanilla cream?  Coconut flavored?  All time favorite store bought cookie?  As I sat here drooling uncontrollably I commented about how luscious they did indeed look.  Next thing you know, Edgar tells me he is going to send me a package to try ... & he did!  They arrived yesterday!  Please excuse the less than stellar photograph.  My hands were shaking as I held the camera because I couldn't wait to rip into the package to try one   : )  

Here is a photo from Edgar's post of 2 of the cookies on a lovely woven napkin.  I don't think he'd mind me posting it here   : )
These cookies are indeed wonderful!  No, they are beyond wonderful!  Not at all what you'd expect from a store bought cookie! Although I am a big fan of cookies, I am not really a fan of store bought cookies.  I have, of course, tried many store bought cookies over the years & I do buy them every now & then but they are always "hooch cookies."  I know the word "hooch" is usually applied to liquor ... cheap inferior liquor to be exact ... but somewhere along the line I started using the word "hooch" for anything cheap or inferior.  "Cheap hooch cookies" for example, or "cheap hooch yarn" or "cheap hooch shoes."  You get the idea.  But there is absolutely nothing cheap or hooch-like about these cookies!  They are very rich & absolutely delicious!

Thank you for the cookies, Edgar, for your thoughtfulness, & for adding yet another addiction to my life   : )


Dawn said...

they do look yummy Shirlee- Enjoy!

Ma Teakettle said...

Ohhh Shirlee, I grew up on Mother's cookies in CA and Taffy are the best, ever!
Be aware that they are addicting and no other store bought cookie will ever measure up after that, like cookie crack, LOL. :)
Every once in a while I ask my Mom to send me a care package of Mother's cookies to CT, but not too often just to be safe :)
That was so sweet, I just love our Edgar!
Have a great day!

cucki said...

hmmnn looking so yummyyy..
my mouth is watering..
hugs xx

butterfly said...

Shirlee they look so yummy, how kind of Edgar bless him.

Michelle said...

How sweet of Edgar - they remind me of Custard Creams we buy here in the UK (my favourite) xx

Trace4J said...

Oh they do look YUMMO!
I have never ever met a cookie I do not like.
Thanks for sharing Shirlee.
I think I really like the word hooch. Chuckling again Friend.
Have a great day!

Chris said...

So now the question is...where do you find them in your area or will you have to order them?
They do look wonderful.

TheCrankyCrow said...

I hate it when you do this you know.... Now you have me all kinds of curious over these cookies, and I'm sure they're not to be had in Nod. (Trust me, I LOVE cookies....and when I'm too lazy to bake some (which is oftener than I should admit to), I scour the store bought cookie aisle and think I have all the brands memorized that are available here.) Sigh. Hopefully I'll forget about this post in quick order. Likely not though. ;o) Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin