Monday, June 13, 2011

The Start of a New Week

Good morning everyone!  God has blessed us with a "cool" day today ... 79 degrees.  I plan to be working outside most of the day.  Yesterday we went to a big plant nursery in Frankfort & yes, brought home more plants ... lol!  Got some great deals as they were having a 60%-off sale.  I got 3 more female bittersweet vines, some pretty coneflowers, some nice ground cover, 3 new roses, & more.  I'll take pictures once I get them all in.

Does anyone know a good way to keep grasshoppers off plants?  They are starting to appear here & I'm already noticing a bit of nibbling on the leaves of my black-eyed Susan   : (

I also wanted to give a report on the Rabbit Scram I purchased about 2 weeks ago.  What great stuff!  Last year I bought 2 bittersweets which were immediately chewed down to the stalk by the local bunnies.  I really want to grow bittersweets & came across an ad for this Rabbit Scram & thought I'd take a chance.  You sprinkle it around the planting area.  Unlike sprays that come off when it rains, water actually enhances the strength of the Rabbit Scram.  I sprinkled it around the 2 new bittersweets I planted & hoped for the best.  A couple days ago John told me that he saw a bunny hop over to one of the bittersweets, sit there for a moment, & then hop away.  Yesterday I saw the same thing happen ... a bunny hoped over to one of the plants, sat there for a few moments, & then hopped away.  Hallelujah!

I hope you all have a great day!  I'll check back in with a progress report later today if I can ... maybe even post some pictures!    


Trace4J said...

Morning Friend
What great info..Rabbit Scram. I will have to try and find me some of that.
Have great day
Granny Trace