Monday, December 12, 2011

And All Is Well With the World Again : )

I want to thank everyone who commented or emailed me regarding the situation my husband & I found ourselves in with the used car dealership this past weekend.  I especially thank those of you who said you would pray about it.

Both John & I were pretty depressed both Saturday & Sunday.  John had a rough time dealing with the high amount of the loan but I was dealing with my discovery that the dealership sold us this used vehicle with 50,000 miles on it for the price it was when it was brand new on the showroom floor.  I did not want to tell John about this for very good reasons which I will not go into here.  We needed to take the vehicle back to the dealership this morning for a bit of maintenance work which they couldn't take care of at the time of sale.  Nothing major ... an oil/filter change, a turn signal bulb replacement, & a tire pressure adjustment.  I initially thought about calling the owner of the dealership this morning & telling him a thing or two.  However, after a good night's sleep I thought it best to just ask to speak with him privately when we got there, tell him what I discovered, & go from there.

As I said, I did not want to tell John about the price issue.  However, this morning before we left for the dealership we were talking about the loan amount & he asked me if I had done any research to see what the actual price of the vehicle was when it was new.  I am not proud to say that I looked him in the eye & lied & said I had tried to find this information but couldn't.  Even though I did have a very good reason for lying to him like that I just could not rest after doing so.  He looked at me so trustingly & believed what I told him without question.  I felt extremely guilty even as those dishonest words were coming out of my mouth & within just a few minutes I couldn't stand it anymore & I had to confess to him that I lied & then tell him the truth.  Sometimes I hate that I am such an honest person ... lol!  Anyway, he took the news surprisingly well.  I told him I was going to speak with the owner of the dealership when we got there & see what could be done & he agreed to that.

When we got to the dealership John just went for a walk & I asked to meet privately with the owner.  I approached him by saying that I think there was an error made on the price & then proceeded to tell him about finding the original window sticker showing the vehicle was sold to us used for the same price it was sold when it was brand new.  It turns out that he is a very decent man.  He apologized for there being a misunderstanding & said he wanted to work this out to our satisfaction.  He was very nice, very kind, & very patient.  I know he did not have to do anything.  John signed the contract & for many business owners that would be the end of the matter.  He & I talked for a long while with him offering us several options we could accept.  He indicated that he would've been happy to just take back the SUV & return our van to us but the van already had a contract on it & he could not back out of that contract & run the risk of the purchaser suing him.  He said we could return the SUV to him & choose another vehicle.  He also offered to give us part of our down payment back, & he also offered to give us part of our down payment back along with a 4-year, unlimited mileage full warranty.  The latter is what we accepted.  So now everyone is happy.  We have a very nice SUV that is safe to drive, some of our money has been returned to us, & we have the full warranty.

Thanks again to those of you who expressed your concern, offered suggestions, & especially said prayers for us!


lilraggedyangie said...

O shirlee so glad you got this issue resolved ! :0) Enjoy your new ride! hugs lilraggedyangie

Angela said...

Shirlee, I am so thankful also that things worked out and you are now satisfied with your purchase. Was a blessing that the owner seemed to be a nice guy. A good ending to a situation that could have been difficult to deal with.

TheCrankyCrow said...

Yea!!! I've been worried about you all day. I am so glad the owner was willing to listen to your concerns and work with you....Yippee!! Now you can drive happy! Enjoy! Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin

Anonymous said...

So glad the car thing worked out. I am very happy for you :)

Jessica @Blessings in the Country said...

Thank God for resolved issues!

prims by olde lady morgan said...

Shirlee, I am so glad everything worked out... Buying a car is a pain on anyday, but to find out what you did, so glad it was all resolved! OLM

cucki said...

yay i am so happy that everything is sorted so happy for you..
big hugs cucki xx