Friday, December 9, 2011

Country Sampler Secret Santa Package Received!!!

For the past couple years I have organized a Secret Santa group on the Country Sampler forum.  No one knows who their Secret Santa is going to be except for me.  I decided last year to play along & did so this year as well.  A couple of the ladies offer to be my Secret Santa even though they won't be able to remain secret.  I put their names in a little container & draw one out & that person is who will send to me.  Each of us sends to someone other than the person sending to us.  We add a card or note in the package we mail giving our identity but it is still kept secret until everyone gets their package ... then I reveal who sent to who   : )    

Today I received my package from my Secret Santa.  I was, as the old saying goes, "spoiled rotten."  The second photo is a bit blurry but the others came out well.  I took a picture of the box before I opened it, hiding the sender's name, but my name & address were too easy to read & I didn't want them posted publicly so you won't be seeing the unopened box ... which was huge!  I'm not going to indicate what everything is ... I think you can see that for yourself   : )

Hmmm ... I guess I do need to clarify that the little round containers to the right of the Believe stitchery are tarts (3 different scents), & the 2 little baggies to the left of that stitchery are replacement silicone dipped candle bulbs   : )

I couldn't wait ... I had to find places for some of the things right away ... lol!  Doesn't this hot cocoa sign fit perfectly here in the kitchen where I keep my hot cocoa pot on the counter???

I put the little mittens sign on my hallway table near the sleds.  I think it looks nice there   : )

Finally I hung the little stitched snowman ornament here on the hallway tree & also put the little snowman face picture in this area as well   : )

I can't say who sent these things to me as I will be directing the other ladies in the group over here to take a look at what I received & they can't know who sent to me yet ... but they will   : )   And my Secret Santa, she knows who she is ... so I thank her from the bottom of my heart not only for all these wonderful gifts but for the very sweet card she sent as well   : )


cucki said...

wow great goodies from secret santa..i love everything so lucky girl :)
sweet secret santa hugs for you brought such lovely goodies.

Trace4J said...

Morning Friend.
What wonderful secret santa treasures! Love those signs and that ginger cookie cutter. OH MY!
Adorable ornies from Sandy too. Have a wonderful Saturday.
Blessings Trace

~*Shar*~ said...

My goodness hun;you hit the jackpot!!! Great gifts, you must have been a "good girl" this

Hugs, Shar

renee said...

Did you ever?! LOL! You deserve to get a little spoiled though!
Enjoy your goodies, I love the color on the walls!
Looks great.

TheCrankyCrow said...

Wow - a whole mother lode of goodies!! How fun is that?!! And you've found some perfect homes for them - I adore your little peppermint cocoa sign above your canisters and cocoa machine - perfect!! Obviously, your Secret Santa knows you well!! Enjoy - I know you will! Hope your weekend is off to a great start! Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin

vwestermeyer said...

what a wonderful treasure trove of goodies!!