Monday, December 26, 2011

Another Finish to Share Along With Lousy Photos of My Christmas Gift Stash Additions

I can share another pre-Christmas finish with you this morning   : )   This pinkeep is from a Gettysburg Homestead pattern.

In my last post I showed the "stocking gifts" my husband said would not fit in my stocking.  Inside one box were the following additions to my cross stitch stash.  You may be able to actually tell what some of these charts/kits are if you are in any way familiar with them & your eyes are good at deciphering blurry things.  Since sometimes, like in the photo above, my camera will take nice clear photos ... & at other times it takes photos like the barely discernible ones you see below ... I don't know what to think.  It's disappointing to say the least.  

The majority of the charts in the next 2 photos are Prairie Schooler Santas.  That stitching temptress Marly over at Samplers & Santas had been posting some of her PS Santa projects all along but the closer it got to Christmas the more she posted.  Not just a Santa here or there, mind you, but a never-ending array of them filling boxes, mantel tops, garlands, trees, windows, etc.  I was able to keep my distance at first.  After all, Santas do not dominate my Christmas decor.  Marly, however, would not give up.  Like those pesky peckers that she has constantly peck-peck-pecking away at her house, Marly post-post-posted those blasted PS Santas until I couldn't resist them anymore.  Feeling like a cheap tramp I armed myself with my husband's financial backing & rushed off to my favorite stitching supplier's site ... 1-2-3- Stitch ... & ordered every PS Santa chart I could find.  Upon their arrival I just handed him the unopened package & said "since you paid for these you can wrap them up for me for Christmas if you want."    

This shopping tactic began a precedent.  Any cross stitch items that I ordered from Thanksgiving on that he paid for were given to him, packages unopened, to wrap up for Christmas.  He just put all the packages into one big box & I had fun opening each one & discovering what I had ordered ... many of which I had totally fogotten ... lol!  Now comes the hard part ... what to stitch first   : )   


Chris said...

Hey Shirlee!
You got some great stuff. I think your husband did a great job.
You have to love PS. They are just classics
Sweet finish too!

Raspberry Lane Primitives said...

WooHoo made out like a bandit! I looooove every project you picked out! What a great hubby for wrapping them up!
I may have to go over to 123 and see what they have. I might have to use your tactics for next Christmas!!
patti :)

cucki said...

my mouth is drooling..all of them are so so many lovely so lucky..happy stitching now..
lovely finish..i love it..
love and hugs cucki xx

Angela said...

Good Gravy Shirlee!!! Now have you been THAT good of a girl this year, or John just loves you that much, or I bet a little of both!!(smile) Those are some wonderful charts. Forget your plans for the new year, just stitch away!!Awesome Santas. Just imagine some of these pieces of art in your new home next Christmas when you are snowed in and all is well. Such happy thoughts. Thanks for sharing

Carol said...

Oh, my, Shirlee--looks like you have enough new stitching to keep you busy for the next 10 years!! You lucky, lucky girl...

I especially love your PS Santas, of course! Can't wait to see which one you start first :)

Michelle said...

I adore your pinkeep. Stunning chart.

Wow you have been blessed this Christmas xx

Edit said...

Thank you for visiting my blong and leaving a lovely comment.

What a lovely selection of charts and kits, your husband really knows how to chose beautiful patterns! :) Love the PS ones, too, one of my favorite designers!

Enjoy the rest of the holidays!

Debra said...

Oh My- you will be stitching 24/7!! and that is a good thing!
Love Prairie Schooler!

Sandi @ The Primitive Skate said...

Wow! What awesome goodies Shirlee.
What an awesome hubby you have.
Love, Love, Love the PS Santa's.
Have a wonderful day!

TheCrankyCrow said...

I knew you said you had done this...but holy smokes, Girlfriend....I never remotely contemplated THAT many!!! That many projects would last me several lifetimes! But I adore Prairie Schooler Santas....they are some of my very favorites. And tempt me not to Marly's!! ;o) I have books to read, remember??? And then comes hooking and punching.... Love your pineapple sampler finish too....I saw it when Mary posted it and thought how sweet it was. Hope you're happily stitching the day away....Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin

~*Shar*~ said...

Whoo Hoooo!!! You hit the "Stash Jackpot" hun....What a good "Santa" you have. I see you got your Pine Mtn design we talked about; the Christmas one. I know you've spent hours looking at your new goodies; you deserve them hun..

Hugs, Shar

Christine said...

Oh my! Santa was very good to you! The Prairie School Santa samplers are gorgeous!
Happy stitching!

Kaisievic said...

Shirlee, you have the most amazing husband to have bought all those wonderful charts and kits for you - he must love you very much to be so thoughtful.

Enjoy! You are going to be a very busy girl this coming year.

Hugs, Kaye xoxox

Kathy Ellen said...

Your pinkeep is so special:) My goodness.... your Christmas stitching stash is amazing! You must have a truly generous and very loving husband to gift with you with so many wonderful treasures! It will be fun watching your stitching progress in the days to come in 2012.

Siobhan said...

Love the pinkeep!

Sweet new stash! Talk about going whole hog at it! :) I like your style. LOL

prims by olde lady morgan said...

Shirlee...WOW!!! that is a great collection of patterns, you will be busy for a bit??? HEHEHEHE OLM

Trace4J said...

Me oh my you must really have been a good girl this year!
And wooooo you are gonna be busy.:)
Love your new pinkeep. You are so talented.
Hugs to you Friend

Stitching By A Cornish Sea Shore said...

Hello Shirlee I came across your blog by chance and have enjoyed my visit. I am looking forward to following your posts and stitching. Gosh, you are so lucky receiving all those charts. It's going to be great watching you stitch them up. I love your profile description I think that we have lots in common. Nicola x

denise said...

boy,you gots lots of stitching to do! i thought i had a stash but you got me beat. have fun stitching!!! Denise

Catherine said...

Wow! Great goodies! Will be watching to see what you choose to do first!

Catherine said...

Wow! Great goodies! Will be watching to see what you choose to do first!

Catherine said...

Wow! Great goodies! Will be watching to see what you choose to do first!