Saturday, December 3, 2011

Christmas Decorations - Somewhat Picture Heavy : )

Spent the morning tweaking some Christmas decor & taking pictures.  There is one particular thing I cannot find.  I searched through the boxes under the stairs once, then again, & might just have to pull them out a third time.  Can you say OCD?  I know this particular thing is in there somewhere & I want to find it!!!  Wish me luck   : )

This first photo shows a sled my sweet baboo bought me the year before last.  A gal in Louisville paints things a la John Sliney & she does a great job.  I have a few of her things scattered about   : )   Anyway, I have come to realize that I am having a love affair with sleds.  I loved sledding when I was a little girl.  Remember how you used to go out & play in the snow for hours on end & never feel the cold?  There was a particular little hill near my house & all the kids would meet there & sled the day away.  Happy memories   : )

See that old wooden bucket with the lighted pine boughs?  Be honest ... does that look stupid?  I know the whole "essence" of this decorated area is rather blah but, well, it's something.  I thought it would look pretty cool to spread fiberfill "snow" around the floor there as though the bucket & sled were sitting outside in the snow, but with Sophie roaming around I don't think the "snow" would stay put for very long.

This next photo shows what convinced me that I am having a love affair with sleds.  Well, this & a cross stitch piece I'm working on now that says Gone Sledding.  More about that when I finish it though   : )   I went into one of my favorite craft shops yesterday & they were having a 20% off sale.  I spied this sled & had to bring it home with me.  I placed it there on the hallway sofa table just to put it somewhere.  Maybe I'll find a better spot later on, maybe not, but here it is   : )

Remember the little tree in the hallway I posted on Thursday?  I have some ornaments on it now.  These are all ornaments I've received in swaps or exchanges with the exception of two.

And I know I told you I'd try to get a better picture of the rabbit I'm using for the tree topper which I got many years ago in Manchester, Tennessee at "the bunny store."

Country Sampler magazine isn't going to risk life & limb by trying to get to my house to photograph my Christmas decor, but moving along ... here is what I've done in the corner of our livingroom.  

And here is most of my old English village (the few other pieces I have wouldn't fit).  I mentioned this village a while back.  It hasn't seen the light of day since 2005.  I decided to unearth it from the moving box mountain & display it this year.  It always brought me pleasure in the past & I enjoy seeing it now   : )

The houses light up at night & the whole scene makes you wish you lived there   : )   I bought a snow blanket to put underneath it to make it look "more realistic" but I don't know ... maybe it will look tacky?  What do you think?

I also took photos of our Christmas tree but will show you those in another post ... maybe tomorrow's.  This is it for now   : )


TheCrankyCrow said...

Well, Miss Shirlee - you've had a more productive morning than I....(and thank you for not saying "well, get off the computer!) ;o) I am still wrestling black cats and pumpkins....I think I'll be finding them next July yet at this rate (and it's amazing since I didn't even get all my Halloween stuff out this year!) Next task: wrestle to get the sewing machine out. Love your decorations - all the little trees are so sweet - and I have an affliction for sleds myself....I painted one years and years ago - you made me think of it. I haven't displayed it in so long, I'm not sure what, exactly, I painted on it! I really do like the bucket with the greens and lights - but maybe some more drapey kind of greens - looks just a bit TOO upright and rigid? Just my thoughts (and you asked!!) And I would vote for something under the village - maybe some warm and natural batting (or old seed batting if you can get your hands on it!) - or even some burlap....I don't know what a snow blanket looks like, so no help there. Hope you find that missing thing - oh, we are way too much alike. I have "boxes" inside my boxes for most of my decorations - and they're all labeled, so if something came out, it goes back in the same place. Somehow, I ended up with a stray skeleton and had to go back through each and every box until I found which box its box was in....(yup - that's how I spent my you know....) And I HATE misplacing anything!!! Can't wait to see more....Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin

TheCrankyCrow said...

PS - It's snowing.... :o)

Tammy ~ A Primitive Place said...

Good luck on finding your missing treasure.

Nope, I dont think it looks stupid at all.
I like it!
Wish I had some of those lighted twigs too.

Love your sleds and your prim trees.
Handmade ornies are the best!

I have a Christmas village my Gram gave me.
I wish I had somewhere to display it.


cucki said...

wowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww it is looking so lovely..i love everything so so so much..
i love the tree and the ornies are super cute..
keep for you xx

cucki said...

i even showed your post to my kids and they both are so excited to see it..
we all saying awwwwwwwwww together and so cute..and beautiful..
truly everything is super 100% sweet..
love and hugs from my whole family xx

Trace4J said...

Well Friend
I am so lovin your Christmas treasures. And hey I see a very familar snowman :)
Hugs to you

Angela said...

Shirlee, Everything looks great. Love the saltbox houses painted on the sled. I have an old sled, but never ever had enough snow here to go sledding even when I was a child. Always looked like fun, though. I think the lighted pine brances along with the sled looks cute. I have several small trees this year that I didn't decorate and 2 don't even have lights. The ornie tree is really cute. I love the village but the red furniture is to die for. Love that piece. You have been busy. Love seeing your pictures.

jennifer768 said...

Hi Shirlee ,I am playing catch up tonight.LOL! Everything is just wonderful! Love all of your awesome goodies.Hugs,Jen