God grant you the light in Christmas, which is faith;
the warmth of Christmas, which is love;
the radiance of Christmas, which is purity;
the righteousness of Christmas, which is justice;
the belief in Christmas, which is truth;
& all of Christmas, which is Christ.
--Wilda English

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Need Help from Fellow Cross Stitchers

Is anyone familiar with this book?  Is it worth getting?  I can't find any reviews or glimpses of what's inside but I'm assuming it is a book of reprints of some of the ornament charts appearing in the JCS Ornaments issues prior to 2006 which is the publication date.  I don't have any of the magazines prior to 2002.      


Michelle said...

I've not seen it anywhere but I will browse the internet for you. I love the red cardinal on the front page x

Siobhan said...

I don't have the book because I get the magazines--but think the magazines are definitely worth their cost. ?? Sorry that's not a better answer!

cucki said...

i dont have this book but it is looking so lovely :)

flutterbygone's said...

Is it a book? I saw a thick magazine at Bilo's by Just Crossstitch and it was JUST Christmas ornaments sorta like this...could have shot myself for not getting it and I'm sending my mom back for it this week.

flutterbygone's said...

OK, I see by an internet search that you showed a book and I was talking about a magazine! I've not seen the book anywhere around! (Ok, I'll hush and go back into my little hole! LOL!!!)

Kaisievic said...

Oooh, I just browsed the internet and it looks great - however I am not sure that I can buy it in Australia. Looks like a great buy, Shirlee.

Hugs, Kaye xoxox

passionfruitprincess said...

Hi! I found you blog at Carol's stitching Dreams.
I have this book and it's very good.
And yes, it a a reprint. Of course some charts that I wanted badly are not in the book, but still a great collection of patterns.
I got mine on e-bay. Hope this can help you.
Ana Paula.