Saturday, December 17, 2011

Another Finish ... & What a Lovely Day!

After this morning's heart-in-mouth experience I was leery about traversing through the rest of the day but it actually turned out to be quite pleasant!  First & foremost I finished an old CS project & it's a keeper for me   : )   This is one of the old projects I did in another stitching life (my second one) but for some reason I did not stitch one part of it ... the little stitched button on the right side.  I think I remember thinking I'd be "creative" & use a real button there but today I put in the 39 stitches to finish it per the pattern chart & now here it is!

I remember stitching this back in 2004 while visiting my husband who was working in Italy at the time.  The finished size is 10x16.  I am showing it with a snowman pillow I purchased when we lived in North Dakota & behind that is a quilted pillow purchased who knows where/who knows when.  You can't really see much of it but I thought I'd make mention of it anyway   : )   Back to the finished stitching ... this was a Special Edition Kit from Pine Mountain Designs.  I actually think it's still available.  I really loved doing it & I really love the finished product   : )

I also did a bit of decor tweaking.  Remember the old blue toolbox I came home with a week or two ago?  I thought I'd make it "festive" & so I put some greenery in it.  

Not really a good photo but I think you get the idea   : )   Adding a small string of lights would be a nice tough.  We shall see if that happens   : )

Also, not long ago my dear friend Robin at The Cranky Crow won what I think was her 56th giveaway in a month.  Yeah, that sounds about right   : )   She is one lucky crow!  This particular win resulted from a "get to know me" giveaway hostessed by Linda over at Hickory Ridge Primitives.  Robin won a pound of fixins, a pound of tarts, & room spray ... all in the Colonial Christmas scent.  Robin was so enthusiastic about how wonderful these things were.  In her own words, "...heaven, I tell you, has to smell a bit like this...."  Of course I had to go to Linda's site to order me some of this stuff!  I ended up ordering 3 bags of fixins (Colonial Christmas of course ... I wanted my home to smell a bit like heaven too) as well as 6 different scents of tarts.  I was not disappointed!  What's more, my husband ... who has told me when I burn the tarts I have made that they make him sick!!! ... went on & on about how nice it was smelling in here!  Sigh!  I had a plan for the fixins & this was it ...

I bought this little tray at a half-off sale a couple weeks ago & had the wax candle with the tea light from last year.  The tea light no longer worked so today I grunged a new one.  All's well that ends well   : )

I also spent an hour or two on the phone with a favorite aunt & cousin.  I don't get to do that very often so I really enjoyed visiting with them   : )

I made meatballs & marinara sauce for dinner.  John had a meatball sandwich & I just had a plate of the meatballs ... both with melted mozzarella.  Yum!  While we ate that we watched a Christmas special DVD from The History Channel which we both enjoyed immensely.

I did a bit of cleaning today & in between everything else that was going on I looked at 12,406 gingerbread items on Etsy.  Yes, I really did!  I think it ended up being 250 pages.  I'd look at so many pages & then walk away & do something & then come back & pick up where I left off.  Most of it I got to pass by quickly but I filled my cart with several.  Before starting this post I went through my cart & weeded out most of the 40 things I thought were "had to haves."  I'm still thinking on the others.

After dinner John & I went to Office Depot to buy our son a new laptop for Christmas.  Will be picking that up tomorrow after they tweak it a bit.  We got to see some pretty Christmas light on the way there & back.  

Had a cup of killer hot chocolate thanks to my wonderful hot chocolate maker which I mentioned in a previous post.

I also found a nativity I like & I ordered that.

And that was my day!  I hope your day was as lovely   : )  


Trace4J said...

Sounds like a very productive and wonderful day Friend.
I just love the pillows.
Hugs to you

~*Shar*~ said...

What a busy day you had; I absolutly LOVE this new pillow you stitched up hun...and all your decorations look so nice. I love candles and have been looking for one of these trays...


Sandi @ The Primitive Skate said...

OMGoodness! I just LOVE your Recipe for a Snowman pillow.
Now that is just plain adorable.
You did a beautiful job.
I like the idea of those fixin's in that tray with the tealite. Souns like they smell yummy!
Sounds like you had a wonderful day. Thanks for sharing

TheCrankyCrow said...

Oh you are too dang funny Shirlee!!! (But they do smell great, don't they??) LOVE your latest finish....especially HOW you finished it with the different homespuns around it. Clever, clever! And, my....that's a lot of gingers!!! You're as easily addicted as I am! (You know, I think we could be very, very, dangerous as a team....I ended up getting a cocoa machine. ;o) ) Wishing you a joy-filled Sunday....Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin

Shawna said...

Hello Shirlee, I stumbled on your blog tonight and have spent the past few hours going all the way back to your first post. I too live in Central Ky. It felt nice to read your blog and hear your stories of familiar shops. I look forward to reading more of your posts and hope your time here in Ky is more blessed and blissful than it has been at times. God bless! -Shawna

Hazel said...

What a busy day. Love your newly finished pillow. X

Kaisievic said...

Loved hearing about your day - I felt like I was spending it with you. I love your snowman recipe design. I will have to check it out.

Hugs, Kaye xoxox

Siobhan said...

I just love that pillow! It looks so nice with the other snowman pillow. I need to check out those candles--I love how you have yours displayed.

Angela said...

Hope you are having a blessed Sunday morning Shirlee. I agree with everyone else, that snowman pillow is too cute. One of my favorite pieces you have shown. Funny you were looking at gingerbread items. I have never thought much about it but for some reason this year I decided to decorate with some gingerbread items and found I only have 2 in my decorations. Guess that will be another thing to work on for another year. Planning next year already!! That's not a good thing. Love the fixins in the tray. Wish the screen was scrath and sniff. Enjoy your day.

Chris said...

Sounds like you had a wonderful day Shirlee!
I love the finishing you did. That is wonderful that you stitched it so long ago but now have it finished so you can enjoy it.

jennifer768 said...

Wow what a busy but productive day!Love the snowman recipe pillow.It is so sweet! The blue box looks great with the greenery.I will have to check out that site for the fixens.Thanks for sharing!Christmas Blessings,Jen

Hickory Ridge Primitives said...

Shirlee your recipe for a snowman pillow is absolutely adorable!! I love the tray with your candle and the fixins! AND I am so glad your husband is enjoying the fragrance too!!

Sally said...

You certainly had a very busy day Shirlee :)

Love your latest finish! it is so cute.

cucki said...

wow sound like a truly very busy day..
recipe of snowman is a very sweet stitching..i love it with my heart and is so much ME :)
and a great finish too..and the pillow next to it is super sweet too..
i am keep on looking at the recipe one..i read that for my son too and he is giggling..aww sweet giggle..and maloo is looking sleeping..
keep well love for you
cucki xx

cucki said...

oops..i posted on the wrong daughter comment about snowman recipe.. i posted in "A heart in mouth moment post" going sleeping i should be here..
me goofy..
my daughter loves it too..
love and hugs cucki xx

Carol said...

Your pillow is just darling--the finish fits the design perfectly :)

Cleejoow said...

I just love the Snowman recipe... it soo funny :)

Lei said...

I love your recipe pillow. It is just adorable. I love the way you used several different fabrics to frame the piece. Too cute!