Monday, December 5, 2011

Santa Crows & Stitching Woes

Is this not one of the most wonderful Christmas pictures you've ever seen???

My photography this morning doesn't do it justice but I just love it   : )   I have various Christmas/winter pictures & wallhangings that I use every year at this time to replace the pictures that are usually hanging on the walls.  I was just saying to John the other day that we need more Christmas pictures because we don't have enough to replace everything, especially the springy/summery looking ones hanging behind me right now.  Perhaps next year   : )

I saw a fellow stitcher post several Christmas items ... 5 of them mind you!!! ... that she stitched this past weekend.  She indicated that 2 of them were so quick & easy that she stitched them both within an hour!  In comparison, last night I finished stitching a pinkeep that I've been working on for several days.  It, too, is what you'd call quick & easy ... but not for me, the stitching slug!  Now I know I wrote in a previous post that I am not unhappy with my slowness.  I enjoy the process of stitching & it is not my goal to become the Mario Andretti of cross stitching.  However, my fingers seemed to be taken over by my toes the entire time I was stitching this item.  I made mistakes I don't know how many times.  It only consists of two words ... Gone Sledding.  The G & the S are enhanced with some backstitching.  It really should've just taken me a couple hours to stitch this up but no, it took me a few days.  At one point I finished the S & the L & then realized I had made a mistake somewhere.  Couldn't find it so ended up ripping out both these letters & starting again.  Then when I finished the S for this second time I discovered I left out 2 rows early on.  Once again I had to frog, i.e. rip-it, rip-it, rip-it.  I then managed to finish the last letter last night & added the back stitching.  Made a couple mistakes there that I had to frog as well ... but I've finished stitching it now!  This item will be a gift as will most of the items I've been working on recently which means I will need to stitch it again for me.  Hopefully things will go better the second time   : )

I have placed upon myself this morning a strict rule of sorts.  I am not going to allow myself to stitch anymore until I finish what I have already stitched into the pinkeeps or ornaments or pictures they are supposed to be.  I am already experiencing withdrawal symptoms at just the thought of not being able to stitch for even one night.  Do I have a stitching monkey on my back?  Yes, I think I do.  Anyway, today's plan is to do some finishing work.  I don't know if I'll get everything finished but I hope to make a huge dent in the meager pile.  I hope you likewise make a huge dent in whatever pile of stuff you have to do today   : )


Jessica @Blessings in the Country said...

LOVE that picture! This year I seem to have a "thing" for crows wearing Santa hats. LOL. I pulled out a crow pattern to make myself one. ;)

I will be doing some finishing today too. I finished four little cross stitch ornaments and am also doing some stitchery pillow ornaments, those I have to sew with the machine though or it would take me all year to hand stitch them. oy! I did hand stitch the cross stitch ornaments because they were small and the holes in the cloth just make it so much easier to keep the stitching straight and even stitches.

I will get to my emails hopefully today. On the weekends when family is home, I just don't get a lot of time to do the online thing. I do sneak in here and there though. hehehe

Hugs! Jessica

Wendy @ Ravenwood Whimzies said... the Santa Crows! I want one of those pictures! Happy Stitching!

TheCrankyCrow said...

Oh Girlfriend - you know that picture would be near and dear to my heart....Love it!!

And we're so much alike it's almost spooky. I actually have a Cranky Crow "Rule" - and have mentioned it in comments, etc. before - I cannot have more than two "unfinished" projects (i.e., not COMPLETELY finished) before starting a new one. However, the attorney part of my brain always manages to negotiate a way around even my own rules - e.g., the latest interpretation is that it applies individually to each type of craft (e.g., I can have 2 unfinished cross stitch pieces; 2 unfinished hooked pieces; 2 unfinished punch pieces, etc.) and still be in compliance.... (You will still be my friend, right???) ;o)

Hope your week is off to a great start - just got back from p/t a short time ago. It's wreaking havoc with my schedule..... Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin

Faye Henry said...

What a dear picture.. I love crows even at
Have a great week..